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Video : Awakening the Hindu Warrior

Unfortunately they lost,converted or ended up in the museum next to the Egyptian mummies in the British museum.

Now imagine while these great warriors were fighting for survival, the Hindus on the other side of the world were also fighting against the same Abrahamic supremacy .And while most of the ancient world got enslaved, converted and started to vanish from history,  the Hindus went on fighting across 800 years to eventually destroy the Mughal Empire in the 18th century. .A bravery, an indigenous resistance that also had to endure extreme suffering that’s unmatched anywhere.

But now compare that to the modern day pseudo confused Hindu who even as a billion can’t even defend himself against a mosquito but then tries to justify the spineless behaviour as some sort of spiritual and moral high ground where even Sri Krishna inspirer of warriors has now been turned into some DJ grooving pot belly Arjun to do disco garba gopi dancing on the kurukshetra battlefield  when in reality it goes to the total opposite of what real Hinduism teaches as Neena Rai, Ami Ganatra and  Vibhuti Jha Discuss Awakening the Hindu Warrior in this debate.


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