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Video : Hindus Dont Talk Sri Ram But Walk Sri Ram And Save Hindus

Video : Hindus Dont Talk Sri Ram But Walk Sri Ram And Save Hindus

With the current global celebrations over the new Sri Ram temple in Ayodhya, it’s very important to understand the main message of the Ramayana which focuses on one very important thing that’s often missed by the majority of Hindus which is ACTION. Sri Rama being a manifestation of the divinity itself could’ve easily with the snap of his fingers destroyed Ravaan while taking it easy behind PC munching on pakoras and masala chai giving X formally known as Twitter lectures like most of the Hindu Twitteratri do but NO, he sets the example himself by taking ACTION by going to war.

We see this further reflected in the Mahabharata again where now the avatar Krishna knowing in the future Hindus will become social media addicts obsessed with WhatsApp encourages Arjuna to do what? Yes ACTION. This is a very strong message to all Hindus inheritors of one greatest ancient civilisations that ever survived against all the odds while most others ended up in the British Museum.

And remember this is due to the ACTION of Hindus fighting nonstop across a thousand years till they destroyed the Mughal empire in the 18th century.

Yes, celebrate Ayodhya as a mass victory but don’t forget it was also achieved with mass rallies and active campaigns on the ground by Hindus where several faced bullets and died under orders from scumbag Mulayum Singh Yadav who should be dragged with his family to jail.

So keep the celebrations alive further by taking action like Sri Ram and Hanuman did which means defending and expanding Dharma but also saving Hindus in trouble. That is real Bhakti

Vicky Kumar from Darbhanga District in Bihar  is a member of the only Hindu family left in his village that are under constant threat to convert to Islam by the muslim majority there in a country of a billion Hindus who need to take action to help Hindus like this.


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