Saturday 09th December 2023,
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Video : Hindu Women And Children Beaten In Stalin Naidu For Celebrating Hindu Festival

Video : Hindu Women And Children Beaten In Stalin Naidu For Celebrating Hindu Festival

Hindus celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi in Vkalathur , Perambalur a village in Stalin Tamil Naidu were set upon by police under the orders of the authorities resulting in Hindu kids and women being beaten up along with the power supplies cut off.

The Hindu response as expected where you don’t even need a professional Vedic astrologer to predict when it’s so obvious what the response will be was again Twitter Hindus ranting that Hindus there shouldn’t have voted DMK and they all should unite to vote BJP the next time. So Hindus are getting attacked, killed, and eliminated but yes let’s wait to vote for the BJP to come like Shivaji to save us.

A very typical cowardly response that we see across India but also across the world where Hindus are under attack. You think to yourself what Hinduism do they follow where they are always targeted and trampled on but never in true Hindu tradition take action on the ground against it ?

Even the ones who claim to be Hindu intellectuals and social media influencers/experts with millions of followers never ever call out Hindus to take action beyond social media but it always comes down to buying their new book which is just a repeat of what’s been written about a million times before. They have changed real Kshatriya warrior action to just writing long ranting tweets, books, and articles.

The few Hindus who do take action beyond SM do make a difference. We know that from experience but we can’t say the same for the mass majority.

Everywhere it’s the same story from Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia,New Zealand, and other countries where they are under full attack but never get the message that they are seen as easy targets because they do not have any backbone to take any action which then boosts the Hinduphobes to attack them even more. But worse they want an award for their cowardice while bragging about how they are  CEOs, highly educated, rich, and peacefool but in reality have total zero influence against the Hinduphobia on the rise everywhere.

Even now Hindu temples which are run by the most cowardly people will never allow anything to raise the persecution of Hindus and this is Hinduism of Krishna, Rama, Bhavani, and all the other Gods is it? Which Hindu text says that cowardice is the highest of the highest spiritual enlightenment?

If 100s of thousands of Hindus come out right now in India to protest against these attacks on Hindus then in the next 5 mins even Gunagdin Stalin who wants to eradicate Sanatan Dharma will claim how he’s such a devout Hindu doing puja to Modi 5 times a day. .  Ground Kshatriya muscle power always works as encouraged by the Gita and other Hindu texts.

Full Video.

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