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Hindu ‘Tolerance’ ? Or Really Hindu ‘Cowardice’ ?

Hindu ‘Tolerance’ ? Or Really Hindu ‘Cowardice’ ?

We often hear on nonstop repeat how tolerant Hindus are even after being mocked, bullied, humiliated and even violently attacked but with no reaction because according to most Hindu experts, gurus, swamis, acharyas and Hindu Twitteratri, this is the great ‘tolerance’ of ‘Hinduism’.

But if anyone checks Hinduism itself and sees what it inspires against Adharma then we see the total opposite. And where it even calls out such behaviour as pure cowardice which it is.

We can see unfortunately with the majority of Hindus even in India where they are 3rd class citizens and trampled on daily just cry about it day and night on Twitter but never ever think that they should take action on the ground to make the change.

When a few sadhus were lynched and killed a few years ago, the Hindu Twitteratri called for a massive protest sitting inside their houses while doing a fast. Of course that shook the world in fear….Not. 

Millions of Hindu temples in India and across the world and not even one raises the persecution of Hindus because according to them Hinduism is all about ‘tolerance’ and being detached from the world. You know how Krishna had advised Arjuna to not go into battle and start singing bhajans on the battlefield instead …..Not.

Do these Hindus even know the ABC of Hinduism? well, the majority even running these temples and most gurus don’t is our experience. Yes, they know rituals and mantras but have Hindu zero clue what Hinduism and its application into action to deal with this world.

Look at their own kids often turning anti-Hindu and joining anti-Hindu groups. They complain about some ‘Love Jihad’ but never ask how comes their daughters were so weak in the first place to get lured ?. because we know the answer that just like most Hindus they didn’t even know the ABC of Hinduism but are only Hindus in name and overdosed in cringy bollywood which is why they are easy targets.

Even we are often told by Hindu experts that Hinduism is about becoming sadhu and not doing protests, campaigns or taking any action to defend it as Hinduism can protect itself because you know Krishna and Rama will come down in a UFO to defend it.

The Hindu twitteratri is presently going Twittermental over the repealment of the anti-conversion law in Karnataka from the CONgress party who just got in power again but don’t think ok let’s get out there in our 100s of thousands of Hindus and protest outside Congress HQ who we know would shit themselves in their dothis to suddenly announce the anti-conversion laws will not be repealed but will be hardened even more. Unless you show ground power then no one gives a damn about your online ranting . Most anti hindu news comes from these anti-Hindu propagandists disguised as media/academia based in India and who could be closed down within minutes if Hindus took to real Hindu teachings.

No other community on the planet would ever tolerate such oppression as these modern-day Hindus or better pseudo-Hindus do which also brings us to the latest comical act of ‘Hindu Tolerance’ where an ultra-right-wing Islamist had booked a hall at a Hindu centre in the UK to also raise money for Islamist causes which means to target Hindus also. This is equivalent to a synagogue letting the Nazi party hire their halls to preach and raise funds for their nazi causes including gas chambers. It would never happen even in your imagination.

The biggest threat to Hinduism is not the jihadi, missionary and other Hinduphobes all put together but it is Cowardice reconstructed as Hinduism.

Yesterday a Hindu centre in Leicester was booked by Muslims for a known anti-Hindu preacher. Went ahead peacefully. No protests or attacks by Hindus However, it split Hindus; those who feel as tho Hindu centres shouldn’t allow anti-Hindus to preach, especially after recent troubles when Islamists attacked Hindus Some say it’s ok as shows how tolerant Hindus are I have a simple question; would a Muslim centre allow a known anti-Muslim preacher to preach? No. On that basis, I think Hindus shouldn’t allow the reverse. Hope @maher_centre learn from this and not allow such things in futureKanuv

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