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Video : ‘It’s A Caste System And You’re The Untouchable In This Hierarchy’ – Tucker Carlson

Video : ‘It’s A Caste System And You’re The Untouchable In This Hierarchy’ – Tucker Carlson

In a recent rant over Donald Trump’s arrest for keeping classified government files in his mansion. Tucker Carlson a right-wing American political commentator warned the US public that the US corrupt political establishment is a ‘Caste system hierarchy’ and the average American an ‘Untouchable.’

This again proves how the ‘caste’ narrative has become mainstream in the public in reference to oppressing the masses as we saw recently in the TV serial Rabbit Hole.

And this is of course made much worse by Hindus themselves for over-bragging about their high status in the US with how rich and highly educated they are, falling right into the trap of the ‘high caste, rich, elite, privileged and oppressors of lower castes’ Hinduphobic narrative.

But we know in reality these same Hindus have total zero influence in mainstream politics, academia, and media in the US . As they are seen as the loyal butler who may be high up on the ladder but still is a servant. This is why we are seeing caste laws easily being passed in fear of an imaginary Brahminical high caste taking over the US.

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