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Video : Rabbit Hole Series Turns Out To Be A ‘Brahminical Caste’ Conspiracy Take Over America’s Democracy

Video : Rabbit Hole Series Turns Out To Be A ‘Brahminical Caste’ Conspiracy Take Over America’s Democracy

Rabbit Hole is an American spy thriller television series where John Weir played by Kiefer Sutherland, is a private espionage operative, who battles over the preservation of democracy in the US and of course the world. He finds himself at the center of a shadowy conspiracy where he must navigate through a world of surveillance, misinformation, manipulation, and corporate espionage to uncover the main villain at the center of the plot and stop him before it’s too late. Along the path, he’s also framed for murder by the same powerful forces with the ability to influence and control populations.

After a killing of a Presidential candidate and three Supreme Court judges. which leads to legislation being passed allowing the wealthy elites to control the population by permitting them to collect private data from every person in the country. We learn the man behind all this is Cowley played by actor Lance Henrickson who can now basically do anything as no law can touch him as he has the police, security forces, and political class all in his big back pocket.

John’s father Ben Weir played by Charles Dance explains Cowley’s logic as many years back when they were colleagues they had visited India which Cowley loved but it wasn’t for its spirituality, Himalayan scenery, or fresh paan or pakoras but it turns out to be for its ‘caste system’ where according him people know their place, and they’re kept there and this is what he wants to bring to America and the rest of the world.

The series was amazing and had touches of 24 and we don’t claim that the intention of it was to push a Hinduphobic narrative (but who knows as that may be the real conspiracy) but it shows how now ‘caste’ apartheid theory has become normalized as being true and is being pushed into the mainstream.

Even though we know real present-day India is run by a ‘low caste tea seller’ but then maybe in season two we might learn its all part of a big ‘Hindutva’ conspiracy where Modi is also under the control of the Brahmin supremacist who even Cowley feared. We have already seen claims that yoga connected to Hinduism means spreading caste which is why Hindus need to become more vocal about these storylines that are being pushed into the mainstream as they are being normalized like the Zionist world take over but at least antisemitism is recognized but Hinduphobic hate against Hindus not.

The series itself while exposing how data information on people’s backgrounds, personal choices, and behavior can be manipulated by softly planting ideas in their minds subconsciously so they behave how you want them to when needed does the very thing itself by normalizing the Hinduphobic narratives around caste and other perceptions of Hindus into the mainstream public who are not aware of the truth but will behave exactly how the Hinduphobes want them to .

For example, if a Hindu is attacked then all the Hinduphobes have to do is call out that the victim was really a ‘Brahminical casteist Hindutvadi, and suddenly we will see the brainwashed paranoid public blame him for causing the hurt he caused to the person who accidentally attacked him in reaction.

We are seeing this recently with the anti-caste discrimination laws being passed or the claim the global Hindutva conspiracy is hiding among them.

The Scene Where Ben Weir played by Charles Dance explains Cowley’s ‘Caste’ logic

Courtesy Paramount+

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