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Video : The Barmy Hindu Twitterati Army : The Activist Hindu Man’s Burden

Video : The Barmy Hindu Twitterati Army : The Activist Hindu Man’s Burden

Along with the many great things the internet brought and still is bringing to the world is the comical and dark side of humanity we often see displayed across the net from ‘Make me famous’ wannabes to conspiracy theorists to self-appointed messiahs to a whole team of fraudsters trying to get your bank details.

But among this theatre of madness is also the biggest burden real Hindu activists have to deal with when the Barmy Hindu Twitterati army is on the loose. This motley crew of online Hindoos who most lived totally boring lives have suddenly turned superhero to let loose their alter egos on social media especially Twitter.

They are highly addicted to Twitter like cocaine and other social media platforms where they can feel brave with their ‘fitting replies and tight slaps’ at the opposition.

Their whining and ranting are expressed through American right-wing talking points like ‘leftist Iibtards or Woke’ while calling themselves Right-Wing causing immense damage to the indigenous Hindu cause than good.

They have no clue about global narratives and terms in use but fall right into the trap of the hinduphobes .This makes it worse for Hindu activists on the front line when they have to first deal with the damage these Hindu twitter celebs cause before promoting the Hindu side of the story. Also among them are hardcore Modi fans and BJP hacks intentionally digressing Hindus away from any criticism of PM Modi.

And dare you criticize Modi their savior or all hell breaks loose as we saw recently with Vamsee Juluri honest critiques in articles on Modi and the BJP

Just like their messiah Modi the lion but in reality the cowardly lion in wizard of oz after seeing the killings of Hindus from the BJP in Bengal no action taken they are the same.No backbone apart from ranting online 24/7

A leading member of the barmy Hindu Twitterati Army with over half a million useless followers is Shefali Vaidya, a popular Hindu influencer who again is in a face-off with PETA recently, challenging them to speak out against Bakr Eid.

However, she doesn’t seem to have done her research like most online Twitter Hindus who whinge and whine for likes. If she had, then she would know that PETA has not only spoken out against Bakr Eid but that one of their Muslim female members had gone to stop an Eid sacrifice resulting in her being attacked by a Muslim mob. That’s far more bravery than Shefali and her half a million cowardly followers have ever accomplished.

Hindu Sadhus with Tongues Torn Out and Killed for Protecting Cows

What needs to be really asked is that if aside from ranting against PETA, has she set up any professional animal rights activist group bringing all the Gau Rakshak cow protectors and other Hindus fighting for animal rights together to be an alternative to PETA ?

So many Gau Rakshaks are killed So what exactly are these online Twitter Hindus doing about it? Yes we all know the reinvention of the Hindu zero. They might claim they give a small donation here and there but that don’t change anything on the ground

India is one of the biggest beef exporters in the world in the country of a billion Hindus so what has she and her supporters doing about this? Has she, or any of the Hindu Twitterati, ever led a mass protest at the slaughterhouse? We have critiques on PETA with their awards to the Pope and regarding the euthanasia of the animals they saved:

The fact is, compared to these online Hindu ranters, they still have done more for animal welfare than all these online Twitter Hindu celebs have done together, let alone for any other Hindu cause. And all they achieve with all attacks is making ‘animal loving’ Hindus look like the extremists. not forget that she also was a promoter of ‘do silent protest in the house and miss one meal’ when the Sadhus were lynched. And that’s a protest, is it? She is just one of many of these online Twitter Hindu celebs who do no action because most are total cowards. Yes, we said it again: COWards!. That’s the reality of these fake Hindus

Their Twitter bravery is like someone trolling Mike Tyson with tweets and then claiming how they won a boxing match so hand over all his world champion belts to them even though Mike Tyson doesn’t know of their existence and if he did wouldn’t give a shit.

For nearly two decades we have been asking these Hindus in India to set up a professional database to collect every attack on Hindus with their names, witness reports, police reports, and pictures so we can take this up with human rights panels and other authorities to get them into the mainstream. And yet all these years later, none of these online Hindu celebs have ever done so up to this day. 

One thing you notice with many of these cowardly pseudo-Hindus is they never want to take any responsibility themselves to actually make a difference but always expect others to do so but use social media to blame others all day. Most don’t even get on with each other because of the popularity contest wanting fame.

Or Why doesn’t she ask her mass following to ask their local Hindu temples to have boards set up with the historical and present-day attacks on Hindus like other religious institutions do ? But that means the Hindu masses might then come in conflict with the ruling party the BJP which she’s a hack for.

Mosques even in india and abroad are so well coordinated with each other raising issues in india and about the rest of the world which is why they just need to do one email or a phone call bringing their masses on the streets while these hindu temples don’t have any networking let alone raise hinduphobic issues to their congregations. Then these same hindoos brag about being IT workers while having no professional networking or databases to collect every attack on Hindus.

After seeing all thes cowardly intellectual Kshatriya and Twitter Hindu ranters as Hindus are killed, raped, and ethnically cleansed then maybe that colonial racist hinduphobe Churchill was right on one thing though. Time to face facts as even Krishna doesn’t come down among cowards but warriors.

‘Churchill had told Ivan Mikhailovich Maisky, the Soviet ambassador in London, that, should the British be forced to leave India:

Eventually, the Moslems will become master, because they are warriors, while the Hindus are windbags. Yes, windbags! Oh, of course, when it comes to fine speeches, skilfully balanced resolutions and legalistic castles in the air, the Hindus are real experts! They’re in their element! When it comes to business, when something must be decided on quickly, implemented, executed—here the Hindus say “pass”. Here they immediately reveal their internal flabbiness.’

The irony lies in the fact that the Hinduism they claim to be defending calls out for action while looking down on cowardice which most of these Hindu Twitterati suffer from, and which is the sole root reason for their nonaction otherwise they would be leading protests on the ground like for example Karishma Bhosale who went by herself to protest against the loudspeakers outside a mosque and she won.




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