Wednesday 07th June 2023,
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Video : Hindu Boy Learning Ganesh Puja But Will He Also Be Learning About Hindu Persecution ?

Video : Hindu Boy Learning Ganesh Puja But Will He Also Be Learning About Hindu Persecution ?

Obviously, this is very good and every Hindu kid should be taught this with other Hindu practices from babyhood. As usual, we can see many Hindus watching this video on Twitter are teary-eyed with joy and happiness running around trees and flowers like in a cringey Bollywood movie.

But being the bad samosas for your indigestion we are at  HHR, we will also ask will this Hindu boy as he grows be taught about the persecution Hindus historically suffered and continue to suffer presently. ? To have the psychological advantage and edge will he also be taught about the great Hindu warriors who defended India’s Hindu indigenous ancient culture while all others mostly ended up in the museum? Remember Shivaji was only 16 and with a small gang of Hindu teen gangstas in the Maratha hood he took over a fort.

Will he be encouraged to take up Hindu/other martial arts and other fitness training to keep extremely fit ? will he be also taught that Hindu activism is also part of Hindu religious and spiritual duty as we see in the Gita, Ramayana and other Hindu texts? Will he later be encouraged to read the works of Sita Ram Goel, Ram Swarup and other great writers?

Will he be taught the depth and critiques of other religions and their beliefs to be able to know their world-enslaving motives?

If not then he’s more lightly to become a  victim of hate and violence and will have no clue what to do because he will have a partial Hindu identity and the mercy of Hinduphobes.

To have a full and confident Hindu identity revolves around the questions and probably a few more we are asking.  As Hindus need to be warriors-Kshatriyas to protect and expand Hinduism – Sanathan Dharma across the world, protect Bhumi Devi- Mother Earth, her animal kingdom and bring others to Hinduism while coordinating with other indigenous religions and people that are awakening to their ancient ‘pagan’ Gods/Goddesses but need Hindu help to start the revolution.  And only then the Hindu Gods and Goddesses will be pleased.

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