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Are You An Apologetic Hindu?

Even after demonstrating physical, mental and spiritual fierce resistance for a thousand years,  while all other ancient civilisations ended up in a museum, today’s Hindu seems to be apologetic over his or her own existence, and desperately begs for acceptance by others especially the very people that attempted to destroy them in the first place. You see how they keep on bragging they are a model minority which really means a Butler who is higher up on the subservient ladder just to serve.

So it’s hardly surprising that many Hindus do suffer some of the following traits if not all..A humorous look at the character among us.

Why Do You Have So Many Gods?’

When ‘accused’ of worshipping many gods, The apologetic Hindu responds desperately that these are just various manifestations of the ‘One’ god That Hindus are actually monotheist. As well as smacking of desperation and a deep inferiority complex, it is dishonest. After all, why is this question often posed in the form of an accusation? Why is it always smugly put, and in a mocking tone? Why do Hindus not retort in like manner? We are taught that monotheism is superior to polytheism. But on that reductionist basis is not atheism superior to monotheism? The point of singularity has always been the ultimate aim of totalitarian ideologies intent on crushing down to the lowest common social denominator to create a dystopia of mindless automata, which grovels at the feet of the cosmic dictator.This is part of the master and slave relationship which foreign to Hindu mindset that sees divinity beyond all numbers but can be also be defined by one and many numbers as there are no limits.

Ok then Are Hindus Polytheists?

Apologetic Hindus feel obliged to say no, they really believe in one god who has many aspects. This is ridiculous and untrue even though Hinduism in essence is beyond all definition but polytheism is a better platform to express its diversity while Monotheism tries to make us all bland unthinking sheep under the control of a dictator.

Polytheism by contrast sees the divine spark in all. It accepts diversity. It accepts a plurality of paths. That is why India is the largest democracy in the world. That is why it was historically a haven for the persecuted whose beliefs were crushed elsewhere in the name of the monotheistic dictator. Polytheists should be proud. It is the monotheists who should be apologetic. If Hinduism ever tried to adopt monotheism it would cut itself off from its Vedic past and the defining feature which has made it the wellspring of so much spirituality. And that is exactly what has happened to groups like Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj who take vedic quotes out of context to prove they are the monotheists of the monotheists.

I Follow All Religions

This apologetic mindset is one which says all religions are the same. Well obvious they are not. One just has to read the religious books of the other religions to find that out but somehow Apologetic Hindu thinks he or she is practicing all the religions at the same time.So hes a very strict vegetarian and vegan being a Jain but being a muslim has to make sure his beef steak has to be halal otherwise he cant eat it but then being a christian at the same time he can eat it.

Things get more confusing when the Apologetic Hindu takes love and peace quotes out of the bible and the koran totally out of context when the verses are refering only to the followers of those religions and not at all any Hindus who these religions define as corrupted idol worshipers with their false gods.But whats more comical is when the Apologetic Hindu then tries to become an expert on both these religions thinking that he or she knows the religion better then the experts from these religions themselves.

Beliefs reflect the social settings from which they have sprung. Also if one belief system is intent on cultural and spiritual annihilation of all others, then obviously it is not going to be the same is it? Instead of confronting this Hindus prefer to sidestep it with such meaningless statements that portray a deep inferiority complex, itself the result of centuries of colonial brainwashing.

 Secular Hindu

The Apologetic Hindu begs to convince others that he or she are the secularists of all secularists. But what is this secularism? Now unless a Apologetic Hindu had a time machine like the Delorean car in the movie Back to Future and somehow turned up in Europe during the French revolution to give over the idea of secularism then we can safely go to historical sources for now.

It was born from the Thirty Years War over religion in the seventeenth century which left half of Germany massacred and devastated. From thenceforth religion gradually retreated from politics. It was a pragmatic necessity. The alternative would have been to kill everyone. Hardly something to be proud of, especially when in this period the religious fervour also manifested itself in burning women and girls as witches, massacre of peasants and constant attempts to wipe out Jews across Europe.

Again if this is what Hindus wish to emulate then it hardly shows much intelligent thinking. India never had such wars of religion. Even the accusation that Hindus persecuted Buddhists looks a bit odd when Sanchi and other places show a wealth of Buddhist monuments, and where Nalanda was a respected university. This was a civilisation that was anything but secular. Neither was it theocratic. If it was backward and superstitious then considering that ancient India made great strides in what would form the basis of modern science then for a ‘backward’ culture it actually did pretty good because without ancient Hindu discoveries, the modern world would look very different and would be very ‘backward’ indeed.

 The Gita the Bible of Hindus ?

This is even more of a joke when Hinduism doesn’t have just ‘one book but’ has many libraries  full of religious books .The apologetic Hindu is so desperate to fit into the Abrahamic monotheist template that he or she becomes such a desperado to find the ‘One’ great book among Hinduism.

So even if Hinduism had just the ‘One’ book the Gita then to compare it with the Bible gets confusing as both books are totally saying different things even to the extent of totally opposite.

Kalidasa was born over a thousand years before William Shakespeare So again the apologetic Hindu needs western standards to qualify Hindu heritage instead of letting it stand by itself.Do Europeans say Shakespeare is the Kalidasa of UK ? or Napoleon is the Samudragupta of France ? Never mate so grow up !

Hinduism only a way of life ?

This is the statement that the Apologetic Hindu gets the most excited about thinking he’s now said the most important and highly ‘spiritual’ dialogue since the Gita was spoken by Sri Krishna Avatar.And he thinks he will get praise for such a beautiful high sounding statement. Maybe even get an Oscar.

But its actually one of the most stupidest and absurd thing to say. So basically even though religion is also part of life it suddenly doesn’t become part of Hindu way of life ? So then it’s ok if a Hindu converts to Islam or Christianity or any other religion because Hinduism doesn’t have any religion right ? Of course not because ‘Hinduism’ is an umbrella of many ‘Dharmic’ religions and ‘traditions’.This idea of Hinduism being a way of life and not a religion was actually started by Christian missionaries first coming into India thinking that ‘Hinduism’ was not a religion but  a mish mash of  ‘weirdo’ beliefs followed by a bunch of barbaric idol worshipers living a very strange and odd way of life unlike ‘Christianity which is a ‘religion’ .

Unfortunately the apologetic Hindu doesnt even know the origins of his great beautiful statement but repeats it like a parrot opening the door to christian missionaries to give Hindus a religion called Christianity because its missing in the ‘Hindu way of life’  .  Better explained in the video by a talk by Swami Chinmayananda’s

We are not Hindus ?

This is another ridiculous statement the Apologetic Hindu comes out with because he has no idea of history or present day politics . It maybe true that the definitions  ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hinduism’ are foreign but our ancestors had no trouble in taking up the identity and turning it into a word of pride . From the Vijaynagar Empire to  Shivaji and the Maharatas and many other Hindu warriors and holy-men all referred  themselves as Hindus as they fought to protect Hinduism over centuries .

So now the apologetic Hindu wants to dump the identity even though socially and politically it will weaken Hindu society into disunited smaller sects and groups with their own separate identity.And when people say ‘Yoga’ is not part of Hinduism then they must be right because Hinduism doesn’t exist thanks to clever cloggs Apologetic Hindu – the Albert Einstein of India.

The British Saved Hindus ?

The British saved Hindus? An incredible myth if ever there was one. In fact the Marathas in particular were winning the battles against the Mughals. It was the British East India Company which saved the last remnants of this imperialist power. In carving Pakistan from united India in 1947 historic Vedic homelands were left alienated permanently from India as the departing colonial power wished to retain influence in South Asia. While independent India chose non-alignment, Pakistan joined western military pacts. India supplied the largest volunteer army ever to fight fascism. That should be proof enough that Hindus were a military force to be reckoned with.

After all independence was not handed on a plate. It was given after fears that the Indian army and navy could not be counted on as submissive to British orders, as seen by the Indian National Army during the war, and the navy mutiny of 1946.

Despite being constantly berated for not living up to the ascetic and non-violent ideal of Gandhi, Hinduism was always more realistic than that, pragmatic and adaptable. That included the use of what we would term militancy and even violence. The Mahabharata itself shows that sometimes it is necessary to use this, however regrettable it might be, and when all other options have been exhausted. This was the basis of the ancient civilisation which the British encountered. It was far from passive.

While the parliamentary democracy and English language are legacies of British rule, so unfortunately is the oppressive state apparatus which continues to treat the masses as subjects and not citizens. India did not need colonial rule to modernise. Japan managed to modernise without being colonised. America set upon its path as a world power as a result of throwing off colonial rule.Most people including Hindus now believe the Richard Attenborough’s  Gandhi movie version of events making Gandhi the only one winning India’s independence which historically is not factual at all but an insult thats negated the sacrifices and struggles of many freedom fighters.

Are You an Apologetic Hindu?

The apologetic Hindu is like the  guy who never gets an invite to a party but tries to gatecrash at a party hoping the bouncers or doormen will let him in but instead the bouncers while laughing, pick him up and throw him straight into in the dustbins for his clumsy attempt.

So If any of the above comes across as noble and different perhaps it is time to ask yourself what you have been taught as a Hindu. Are you yourself actually an apologist when confronted with critics ? Do you feel inferior in such a context? Time to get out of the complex and re-educate yourself with the truth knowing that the Hindus are the last of great ancient civilisations on the planet while most of the others are in the British Museum.


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