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“I Know You Are A Hindu Nationalist Cause You Stink Of Curry” !

“I Know You Are A Hindu Nationalist Cause You Stink Of Curry” !

For those of us born in the West, especially Britain hearing ‘Hindu Nationalism’ shouted out every 5 minutes from the media or academia or politicians in reaction to Hindus speaking up against the prejudices against Hindus and Hinduism often takes us back to childhood when being mocked by racists for being a curry eater meaning you stink and smell. It’s something you would have heard in school or down the street.

So for us ‘Hindu Nationalism’ among the other racist slurs we had to suffer is just an updated name-calling full of the same accusations loaded with racism regardless of the excuses and narratives they use as a cover with their news articles and accusations written by so-called experts especially when they have a brown face to write it as we know with some of these whites often from the left to the right do have some deep-down racism issues that they haven’t got over as yet.

We saw glimpses of it over the Indian moon landing recently resurfacing where it all came down to why isn’t India not using our ‘aid’ to build toilets instead.

Seeing Rishi Sunak a Hindu PM ruling the United Kingdom, Hindu festivals regularly on the streets overshadowing the Church or ironically ‘stinky’ Indian curry and other foods now widely popular among the masses replacing traditional fish and chips, with yoga being taught at schools and workplaces, which now the radical right-wingers see all proof of The Great Replacement Theory. But gets even worse with the left-wing with their ‘Hindu Nationalism’ witch hunting.

Of course, this isn’t a generalizing of all whites but we know there are always certain types of individuals and their circles who often behave and incite the Hinduphobic hate. Often they are from elite privileged backgrounds that haven’t gotten over their colonial mindset of racism and superiority.

So for example those on the Right Wing will claim Churchill and the British Empire were to really help civilize the Indian Hindu savages from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom while the Left Wing uses politically correct terms to sound all enlightened where they might criticize Churchill for his racism against Indians but then promote the same racism in a new update politically corrected and approved narrative trying to help civilize the Hindu nationalists from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zoom.

Even among the ‘left, progressive, liberals” they deny there is Hinduphobia but it’s a new term invented by curry-smelling “Hindu Nationalists” On many anti-racist sites, no mention of Hinduphobia in their search engines and these are meant to be the ones fighting racism. But karma is always laying a trap to bring out the truth sooner or later because Hinduphobia was actually already in use way back in the 1860s by the very same British media that ironically during colonial times raised racism and prejudices against Hindus.

So it seems Hinduphobia is the original word that all other phobias sprung out of.

In reality, the term Hindu nationalist is not descriptive but pejorative and condemnatory. Instead of using racial slurs such as saying “Indians smell of curry”  the term Hindu nationalist becomes an acceptable substitute.

It is often joined with terms such as right-wing, fascist, fundamentalist, supremacist and nazi. Of course, its origins are completely different. Nationalism in Western societies came from the idea of being part of the same nation, defined by the borders of the state.

This at least was the idea from the French Revolution. It was challenged in the next century by romanticism and organic nationalism which held that the state did not form the nation. It was the nation, the bonds of blood, which formed the state. Hence anyone not of that blood was not part of the nation. Yet anyone of the same blood outside the state was. Hindu nationalism is often likened to this when in fact it has no links to either.

We know that Hindus especially in India may refer to themselves as ‘nationalists’ even though it’s the wrong word but their interpretation is really based on spiritual, cultural, civilizational, and indigenous pagan renaissance.

Hindus are in reality the largest group of indigenous people on the planet who also faced some of the worst genocides in human history which also gave rise to resistance through a whole league of warriors across time which is why the majority survived something that the Western mind cannot fathom which is why the left like the right-wing church, cannot stomach a large mass of polytheists being the majority in any state.

If Hindus were in a museum or on reservations such as the natives of America and Australia, then the left would be the staunchest defenders of ‘Hindu nationalism’. Because Hindus are not in this dire situation yet, their very existence is condemned as being the work of right-wing Hindu nationalists.

 Hinduphobia and Hindu bashing now extend even further against White Hindus, Black Hindus or Latino Hindus, and other races who have converted to Hinduism who often face attacks and abuse so the problem is even bigger and needs to be tackled.


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