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Video : Benisha Mudhi (Modi) The Shiva Worshiping Female Hindu Villain In Netflix’s ‘The Signal’

Video : Benisha Mudhi (Modi) The Shiva Worshiping Female Hindu Villain In Netflix’s ‘The Signal’

One thing these Hinduphobes always know that they can always rely on are these spineless Indians often from Hindu backgrounds who will never speak out against Hinduphobic roles and film narratives but like the submissive slaves they are, will go and act and participate in such movies or serials. And they honestly think they are seen as equal which they are not. But the main blame goes to the wimpy Hindoo culture that these Hindus themselves have created distorting Hinduism that being weak is being on some higher moral and spiritual ground. 

“Paula fails to return home, leaving her partner Sven and their daughter Charlie anxiously waiting at the gate. As Sven struggles to shield Charlie from the unfolding chaos, he desperately seeks any clue to Paula’s disappearance.

A mysterious breadcrumb trail left by Paula leads Sven deeper into a labyrinth of uncertainty, unravelling his life and posing a threat not only to himself and Charlie but to the entire world.

Paula’s extraordinary background as an astronaut aboard the ISS adds layers to the mystery. However, amidst the unfolding narrative, the depiction of the antagonist, a wealthy Hindu woman named “Benisha Mudhi,” who worships the deity Shiva Nataraja and is implicated in a tragic plane incident resulting in 178 deaths, perpetuates harmful stereotypes and exacerbates prejudices against Hindu individuals.

Such portrayal undermines efforts towards racial equality and violates principles of human rights. Additionally, the portrayal of India through the character of Benisha Mudhi reflects a narrow and negative mindset, suggesting the writers and producers may have intended to depict India in a stereotypical and prejudiced light. “The Signal” is an upcoming German Netflix Original sci-fi drama series, written by Sebastian Hilger, with Florian David Fitz, Nadine Gottmann, and Kim Zimmermann credited for their work on the screenplay.

Professor Vamsee Juluri’s Breakdown Of the Hinduphobic Narrative –

Yes, “Mudhi” was a strange surname for the Indian billionaire in The Signal. wonder if Netflix wanted to push a murderous villain character who would make viewers think unconsciously of “Modi”  despo level propaganda going on.

Lots of deities in her house ok, and then of course, as she is revealed to be a mass killer and potential child killer too, she has to now go full Hindoo with Nataraja rituals to welcome aliens in the desert (2/n)

Ring of cult followers, high priestess, Temple of Doom, Eyes Wide Shut vibes etc. (3/n)

(4/n) Why their obsession with our gods ? I have a theory based on how the show ended … but funny aside: she goes to hide in Andhra Pradesh !




5/Grand positive emotions climax after heathen hindu’s arrest invokes basically the same dumbass megalomaniac dreams they’ve had from 0 AD to Sentinel Islands today: ‘why can’t everyone be same-samed zonbied like me?’

6/n) Then, they all look up paavam like for God to Come down from sky (UFO part over), resurrection hints and all. Happy ending (for non pagans). But just think: they’ve had the SAME story for 2K years; waiting for Sky Savior, Hating on Old Gods like Shiva, only change is they dropped their old messiah and use swappable heroine/ hero.

(7/7) #hinduphobia is not just geopolitical but downright existential psycho problem for the kind of storytellers Nutflix promotes. He ain’t coming (He/She/Any Pronoun U Like). You want to wait you wait. Stop trashing on the rest of us who didn’t fall for tawdry scams and kept our gods standing 

This was the frame / caption that made me realize how much their Hinduphobia is because we refuse to be assimilated (Netflix show The Signal):



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