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Early Reviews Of Monkey Man Movie Pushing a Gungadin Man Hinduphobic Narrative

Early Reviews Of Monkey Man Movie Pushing a Gungadin Man Hinduphobic Narrative

If the comedy can’t get worse, now we get another Gungadin Jouno propagandist called Siddhant Adlakha criticising Gungadin Dev Patel for not attacking imaginary Hindtuva- Hindu nationalism enough in his latest movie then goes into a total rant of pushing white racist narratives against Hindus reconstructed in a new mask of lefty/progressive/liberal talking points . Its now a competition for the Gungadin Awards for who is more of a subservient coolie.

Remember we arent going to generalise all whites but if white supremacy exists then it always hides behind a mask from the Klu Klux Klan from the past to now hiding in the new mask of ‘leftism’ ‘progressivism’ or liberals or whatever label they use to sound effen enlightened.And they love their little brown-faced turds as masks like these Gungadins to hide behind who ironically are using a Hanuman mask to push a anti Hindu agenda.

Remember if these self hating Internalized racist subservient Indians like this Siddhant Adlakha were told to eat white man’s poo as being superior to Indian food because it’s rooted in ‘Hindutva’ they would literally eat it proudly and then doing puja to white fat buttocks.

So it always comes down to pushing hinduphobic racism through different masks which we have seen with The BBC , The Guardian, The Independent, Time Magazine, New York Times and many more. Hindus need to keep on calling them out as the real white supremacists hiding behind another mask . 

For Hindus like us brought up in the West and who dealt with racists on the streets face to face don’t get fooled by all the Hinduphobic narratives the media and academia push as to us no mask is fooling us.

This class of elite whites are so deluded that it makes you think what are they really pushing for ? is it a future war-type scenario against India that’s full of those ‘Hindu pagan heathen thuggee’s from Indiana Jones . A country that has nukes armed to its teeth and probably has more than we don’t officially know . An army that could cause havoc against us in the west. And don’t forget behind all the Gandhi act they do they are an ancient culture that survived through levels of extreme bravery and indigenous resistance of warfare against extreme genocides and occupation by monotheists across a thousand years to defeat the Mughal empire in the 18th century while most of the ancient world ended up in museums.

As Islamists say they love death more than life but the Hindus don’t even believe in death which is why in the past they greeted death on the battleground as just a costume you change for a new one to come back to fight again to defend Dharma which is why Hindus are still here. India is a friend but don’t take it as some door to keep abusing them 24/7 otherwise Karma will be knocking with many ‘masks’ .

As they can’t fight Hindu culture expansion then they do the obvious by trying to take over by wearing a new mask as this Gungadin Dev Patel does by wearing a Hanuman Mask to push a Hinduphobic narrative in his latest movie ‘Monkey Man’

They do it with Yoga where either it gets converted to Christian Yoga pushing Christianity or Mindfulness yoga to push their so-called ‘secular’ Western colonial narrative but if you say it’s rooted in Hinduism then suddenly you are accused of being an imaginary Hindu nationalist Hindtuva wallah . But at least we do give credit to some Christians who do say that Yoga is Hindu but which means Satan Yoga.

The same is done by claiming the Vedas are not from India but from Disneyland in the Steppes somewhere in Central Asia composed by blond, blue-eyed Brad Pitts known also as the ‘Aryan’ race even though Arya from which its derived is not a race.

So this is what they do all the time often fronted by their loyal brown-faced subservient coolie as its all about what you cant defeat then you try to take control of it.

We already seeing claims that he’s not anti-Hindu but is promoting Hanuman against ‘Hindu nationalism’ which is not Hindoooo. Cause Hinduism is about not speaking up for yourself or standing up for your rights when you are persecuted.

So this movie overall an anti-BJP movie with the elections coming up with the same political and hinduphobic narratives.The movie shouldn’t be banned though because we want the Hindus to see how the hinduphobic West continues to promote extreme racist hate against the largest surviving indigenous people on the planet under the mask of a brown man wearing a Hanuman mask.

Good example of pushing the anti Hindu agenda


The irony is if Hindus did really take to Hanuman then these Hinduphobes and their coolies like Dev Patel would be the first in hiding.

The reviews are in for Dev Patel’s latest movie The Monkey Man ( a low caste) which along with starring in he also directed. And after seeing some reviews maybe the Gungadin Man or Coolie Man would make more sense about this movie so far we are seeing. But we will keep on updating the reviews as they come in.

Thee white racist rag  The Guardian happily touches on it even though it may have found the movie confusing but it does at least condemn Hindu nationalism violence.

You can’t blame them for this hinduphobic part of the movie as it’s from the coolie Dev Patel himself. These Indians from Hindu backgrounds are brought up like that by mummy and daddy as total wimps just to conform and suck up to Gora Sahib here in the West.

We were already suspicious about the Hindu nationalism fantasy part by watching the first trailer with clips like this from a few months back.

The movie does have Hindu elements based around Hanuman which is good but at the same time, the civilising and policing of Hindus starts that as long as you do your gora sahab puja daily and don’t speak about your persecution then you are a good Hindooo but if you do speak up for your rights then you are mola ram and the thugees from Indiana jones meaning you are Hindu heathen savage pagan Hindu nationalist.

Remember Dev Patel was also in the hinduphobic poverty porn Slumdog Millionaire where Hindus were shown as extremists even shocking the author who wrote no scenes like that. They only get away with it because Hindus haven’t taken action against them which is why even though this movie is based on Hanuman elements,its time for the real Hanuman bhakts to take charge and then watch the sudden U turn )

Extract from the Guardian

“Monkey Man,” which Patel also co-wrote, centers on Kid (Patel), who scrapes by with the cash he makes getting beaten in an underground fight club before unresolved trauma from his childhood drives him to infiltrate the social scene of India’s wealthiest and most corrupt. When it becomes clear that the people who murdered his mother continue to inflict casteist and Islamophobic violence on millions of others, he unites with people on the outskirts of society to get revenge on their common enemies. – The Variety


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