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The Gunga-Din Within

The Gunga-Din Within

Gunga Din is a character from a classic Rudyard Kipling poem, and was adapted into a film of the same name in 1939. In that production, Gunda Din is a simple water bearer who sacrifices his life in order to save the white British soldiers from rebel forces of the Thugee.

The film is now considered an attempt to validate European colonialism in India by humanizing British imperialism while vilifying Indians and their right to struggle for their own land, as it concludes with a final image of Gunga Din standing proudly and saluting at attention in British uniform. While British colonialism may have ended in 1947 its spirit endures in many ways. So does that of the fictional Kipling character.

During the menacing posturing by Dr Wendy Doniger and her followers over Penguin’s recall (not banning) of her book “The Hindus” we need to ask ourselves if it was any other community, civilisation and culture denigrated in like manner, would there have been such a rush to defend ‘freedom of speech’? Doniger’s book not only makes elementary errors with regards to facts and dates that would embarrass an undergraduate student sitting first year exams, but its very title demonstrates her usual determination to hurl mud by racially profiling about a billion people.

Now on the last factor, detractors will laugh and cry foul. After all are not such ‘Indians’ as Arunadhati Roy defending Doniger? Did not this sex-obsessed Chicago academic reference Romila Thapar in her work. That only makes the indictments all the more valid. India’s academia and media is dominated by unreconstructed Marxists who not only ignore the obvious in that the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and their sacred Red Fatherland of the USSR two years later, but as followers of Guru Marx are alienated from the very country and ancient civilisation which they lord over and suck the life blood from like malaria mosquitoes.

The fact that they are ‘Indian’ should not blind us to this. They are eager to collaborate with any neo-colonialist elements in order to further their own careers and prestige while brainwashing the masses who cannot get away from this multi-faced Big Brother of Orwell’s nightmare. Remember how local ‘quislings’ were found by the German in Nazi-occupied Europe . How the Panchen Lama eagerly courted the Red Chinese who invaded and committed genocide in Tibet . While Mandela’s death attracted tributes from world leaders, during his long incarceration in prison his very own cousin Kaiser Matanzima was one of several black ‘homeland’ leaders who worked with their apartheid oppressors to ensure white minority rule by stripping members of their own racial group of citizenship in the land of their birth.

 The Indian collaborators with the Doniger pseudo-academic Reich are therefore not defending freedom of speech. They are the last ditch desperate attempt of ‘Gunga-Dins’ with their racially inferior mental complex which feels it must continue to grovel before any white person self-appointed as an ‘expert’ on Hindu culture, kissing and worshipping the very ground Doniger walks upon with unquestioned obeisance, while ordering the masses to shut up and do what they are told, not daring to exercise their democratic rights where academic accuracy is concerned. In the politically charged Newspeak of the Doniger cult, ‘freedom of speech’ has been divorced of its true meaning in order to uphold the present stifling of intellectual liberty and the right of independent enquiry. It is something which we must all recognise if we are concerned not just for democracy in India but academic freedom as a whole.


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Ranbir Singh : Writer and lecturer, HHR chairman : BA (Honours) History, MA History from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London : , Have lectured previously at De Montfort University, London School of Economics, Contributor to various political and human rights discussion outfits.


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