Friday 19th July 2024,
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Video : Hindus In London Do Prayers For Hindu Victims Killed In Reasi

Video : Hindus In London Do Prayers For Hindu Victims Killed In Reasi

Various Hindu representatives from different Hindu temples and sects came together at the Durga Mandir in East London to start a series of Hindu prayers for the Hindu victims of the terrorist attack at  Reasi in Jammu and Kashmir. More temples are going to do the same in the coming days. We request all Hindus across the world especially in India to do the same by doing pujas for the victims at local temples to show that the suffering of any Hindu is the suffering of all Hindus who are not going to forget as a message to the world. More Latest Updates Coming soon #AllEyesOnReasi

 Durga Mandir , East London

Stratford Temple , London

music : Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih By Shiuli Subaya

SKS Swaminarayan Temple East London

SKS Swaminarayan Temple East London did a 2-minute Shanti path and prayer for families of the pilgrims who were attacked and killed in Reasi by terrorists in J&K.

The terrorists opened fire on a passenger bus boarded by Hindu pilgrims, causing it to lose control and plummet into a deep gorge. They followed by further firing at the crashed bus by the gunmen where Nine people were killed in the attack, and an additional 41 were injured.

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