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Video : Hindu Manifesto For UK Elections Released

Video : Hindu Manifesto For UK Elections Released

With the rise of the attacks on Hindus by far-right Islamists with the full backing of left-wing white Hinduphobic racists, a Hindu Manifesto has been released and sent to all UK politicians.

Here Charlotte Littlewood gives a breakdown to India Today of the reasons for this manifesto in reaction to all the attacks taking place against Hindus.

The Hindu Manifesto


A statement accompanying the manifesto emphasised the importance of these assurances, stating, “These assurances aim to ensure the protection, promotion and progress of Hindu values and interests within the broader fabric of British society.”

Among the assurances highlighted in the manifesto are:

1. Recognition of Anti-Hindu Hate: The manifesto calls for anti-Hindu hate to be recognised as a religious hate crime and for the proscription of organisations and individuals engaged in such activities.

2. Protection of Places of Worship: Ensuring the safety and sanctity of Hindu temples and other places of worship is a priority.

3. Access to Fair Education: The manifesto demands fairer educational opportunities and access for the Hindu community.

4. Equal Representation and Opportunities: There is a call for equal representation and opportunities for Hindus in various sectors.

5. Streamlining Immigration: Improving and simplifying immigration processes for Hindus is another key assurance.

6. Healthcare and Social Care: The manifesto stresses the need for better healthcare and social care services for the Hindu community.

7. Acknowledging Dharmic Values: It calls for the recognition and protection of Dharmic values within British society.

Hindu Manifesto Form

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