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Left Wing , Right Wing Or Just ‘White’ Wing ?

Left Wing , Right Wing Or Just ‘White’ Wing ?

On the positive side, these pro-Palestinian protests are bringing into the public eye the academic, media, and political networks that for decades have helped to promote jihadist propaganda and agendas but were always ignored. However, this new axis of hate cannot be ignored anymore as it is too obvious.

Of course, one cannot generalize all whites as being racists. But among the other positives, thanks to these pro-Palestinian protests, is that if white supremacy exists then we can see it clearly; especially among the ‘left’ because at least the real far right is open and proud of their white supremacy while the left hide behind brown-faced nazis with the same agenda against Jews or Hindus or even whites who don’t follow their version of a new order.

Politics is no longer dominated by the bifurcation between left and right but instead saturated with a nefarious form of hate. If we examine the venom spewing against Hindus and Jews, it covers both the left and right-wing. It also has its roots in the racism, Social Darwinism, and eugenics that once dominated mainstream thinking, especially for those regarded as progressive and revolutionary.

The demonstrations which claim to be pro-Palestinian demonstrate this. Support for Hamas terrorism and antisemitism comes from all political angles. This Palestinian cause, which strangely ignores the plight of Palestinians in Arab countries, encompasses diverse figures such as Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Nick Griffin, and David Duke. Corbyn and Galloway would be seen on the left of British politics and as martyrs to progressive causes such as fighting racism and fascism.

Griffin on the other hand is a veteran of far-right British politics: actively leading the National Front and British National Party, involvement in Holocaust denial, and wanting Britain to be a white ethnostate. Duke is Griffin’s American hero. His teenage rebellion consisted of joining the Ku Klux Klan and dressing up as a Nazi.

Duke’s semi-autobiography My Awakening regurgitates the standard fare of far-right politics: the Jews run everything, they invented the Holocaust, and Israel is a terrorist state. But he also pushes the myth of the Aryan race and the Aryan invasion theory. Now unlike antisemitism, this has been unambiguous in its racist nature yet a feature of both neo-Nazi and self-styled anti-racist groups. Corbyn was active in areas fighting caste discrimination.

Yet the narrative here once again relies on racializing the issue of caste and linking it to being invented by these mythical Aryans. So-called experts on Indian politics also need this racist myth, which like the Nazi theory of the Aryan race also overlaps into antisemitism. Audrey Trushke of Rutgers University has long blamed India’s problems on a supposed Hindu fascist threat.

Her own background lies in the Christian fundamentalism of America’s Calvinist ethos which sees a Satanic threat from heathens. Trushke has now crossed that line into barely disguised antisemitism by now jumping onto the Palestinian bandwagon to attack Israel.

This should however come as no surprise. Antisemitism is rooted in the church because the Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah and were guilty of deicide by having him crucified. The Black Death which ravaged medieval Europe was blamed on Jews. Hitler himself never left the Catholic Church. So while the veneer may have changed, the basic format remains and has been updated.

Few have noticed the disturbing emergence of a new form of hate. When someone rages against Zionism, Zionist control of the media, Zionist terror, and Jewish world domination, it could be Duke, Griffin, Trushke, Corbyn, Galloway, and a host of others.

The same with anyone pushing the caste issue as a one of race, showing inflexible worship of the Aryan race, believing in the Aryan invasion of India, or seeing the mythical Hindu fascism as the biggest threat to democracy in India and the world.

The fact that top universities such as Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge have been wracked by antisemitic protests, slogans, and graffiti should come as no surprise. These were the same places where theories of eugenics, genocide, and white supremacy were once accepted as normal. The advocates of such toxic ideas were not some illiterate buffoons but the top academics and students of their day, seeing themselves as the vanguard of a bright racially pure future.

The racism, antisemitism, and colonialist thinking of that time have not disappeared. It has just re-emerged in a different guise, but this time under the label of fighting racism, intolerance, and fascism.

These same individuals would be advocating white supremacy and genocide if they could either be taken back in time or if the dominant atmosphere changes to make an alternate history where Nazism was victorious. Novels and on-screen dramatizations such as Man in the High Castle and Fatherland are disturbing not because Nazi ideas seem so outlandish in these alternate worlds, but because they are from the marrow of Western civilization itself and show how they are easily normalized.

Of course, we have not reached that situation yet. But with the mainstream acceptance of antisemitism, which has joined with the toxic and longer accepted hatred known as Hinduphobia, the warning should be on the ‘yet’ because it is no longer outside the realms of possibility.

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