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Video : Blond PalaNazi Karen Put In Her Place By A Brown Arab Man From Gaza

Video : Blond PalaNazi Karen Put In Her Place By A Brown Arab Man From Gaza

The disowned son of a Hamas co-founder slammed an activist journalist who once subscribed to 9/11 conspiracy theories. Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, called out journalist Abby Martin‘s defence of Hamas on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on 8 May 2024. “She’s been there only for a visit and maybe she had some falafel sandwich,” said Yousef, 45. “She really was blown away of the Palestinian experience.” Martin, who once actively promoted the conspiracy theory that the 9/11 terrorist attack was an inside job, lashed back and reminded Yousef that he has a history of anti-Muslim rhetoric. When Martin called Yousef anti-Arab, he corrected her and touted himself as “anti-Islam.”

The fact that Martin peddles fake news about 9/11 being an inside job and acts as an apologist for jihad terror should come as no surprise. A decade ago, she hosted her own show on the Kremlin propaganda outlet RT news. 

On 2 October 2014, she interviewed a colonised Uncle Tom Dass historian Vijay Prashad. Along with his FOIL compatriot Biju Mathew, he is also an outspoken critic of ‘Hindutva’. The latter is co-founder and chair of the executive council of Lamakaan, a colonised coolies educational space in Hyderabad, India.

Martin mocked the media for “fawning” over Modi and his “rock star status” while ignoring his “neo-liberal economic policies and appalling human rights record”. Prashad joined her in seeing a capitalist conspiracy by large companies to finance this whole event in New York.

Martin referred to the “neoliberal BJP party in India” and with that familiar evil twinkle in her eye alerted Commissar Prashad to spew yet more anti-Hindu filth and scoffed at attempts to modernise India by that country’s hugely popular prime minister.

The Hinduphobic odd couple then castigated India for not standing with Hamas in its jihad. Prashad in particular laments how India has become closer to Israel and states that “In fact today, India is the largest importer of Israeli arms”. Martin makes the same mistakes as many who view the Indian political environment through a Western white narrative.

While aforementioned individuals will class themselves as on the left, and be categorised as others in the same manner, in reality, they are the Uncle Toms, Gunga Din servants who flock to where the power is, especially when it is to pander to whites in America such as Abby Martin.

The fact that she has bleached her hair blond to give that look which would make Hitler proud just gives her yet more credibility in the eyes of these sycophants who always fawn over anyone conforming to the ideal Aryan template. With the departure of the British Raj, these pathetic examples cannot get their purpose in life unless they get that all-important dopamine fix from new masters.

The Aryan race myth was itself invented at a time when race theory was developing in Europe and America, infused with white supremacy and antisemitism. When we hear the chant “from the river to the sea” this has deep roots in Western civilisation.

For Islamic activists (and Islam is a part of Western culture having the same root) it means there will be no peace until all Jews are exterminated. The very existence of Jews to them makes Islam illegitimate as the final and natural religion for all peoples.

This is why they use the term revert rather than convert to Islam; because anything else is an aberration due to brainwashing. Of course, this had its roots in Christianity which not only persecuted Jews for centuries as Christ-killers, but again the very existence of Jews meant that Christianity was denied its full legitimacy. For the present Christian evangelical counterparts in America, the belief is that Israel needs to exist so that Jesus can return (and will then deal with the Jews). Martin may see herself on the diametric opposite of both.

Yet she inherits that Calvinist DNA which infects her nation. America itself was built upon Manifest Destiny which meant from ocean to ocean, the pagan natives needed to make way for devout Christian whites who brought a superior religion as well as race. If Martin was true to her own antisemitism and being a shill for Hamas, she would leave America for Europe. Because that is exactly what she is advocating with her supposed pro-Palestinian views. From the river to the sea covers up the sordid genocidal and racist past of these whites, including those who would consider themselves on the left. In fact especially those who are ‘progressives’ because historically they have justified genocide and continue to do so under the camouflage of anti-racism.

Just like that arch-imperialist Churchill who openly showed his contempt for Indian culture, Martin is just another one of those white elite veneer liberal types who underneath all the politically correct niceties harbour deep disdain for anything outside the Eurocentric and monotheistic paradigm. As the environment changes these left-wing types would easily morph into the white supremacist nazi militias found in the movie Forever Purge.

American universities were once at the forefront of pushing eugenics, racism and genocide as mainstream. Built on the extermination of the native population, and the exploitation of black slaves, all shot through with the Puritan messianic ethos of the Pilgrim Fathers, the conflicts that built the country were channelled into an ideology of white supremacy that was taken up eagerly by progressives. While these types now claim to stand against racism, in reality, they have just revamped it. Abby Martin’s inherent antisemitism and Hinduphobia demonstrate that just below that smiling welcoming veneer of acceptance is an insidious form of hate which can no longer be kept in check.


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