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The US Ambassador To India Loves His Chole Bhature In Funny Viral Video

The US Ambassador To India Loves His Chole Bhature In Funny Viral Video

As India grows more powerful it can’t be ignored and dictated to which is why Hindus need to go on the offensive exposing the hinduphobes still hiding in the establishment.

Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador to India, celebrated his first anniversary in the country on May 13. To mark the day, Garcetti shared an elaborate video of major milestones in India.

The video was shot on the premises of The United States (US) Embassy in India, New Delhi. In the video, Garcetti, while signing papers handed to him, called 2023 the most productive year in US history with a lot of “agreements, paperwork, desi kadak chai and accomplishments”. Saying, “Let us walk through the year in review,” Garcetti shared how he visited 22 states and union territories, making friends, receiving gifts, and relishing diverse dishes.

“From Wagah to Kanyakumari, from Mumbai to Kohima, where I picked up some amazing friends, got some incredible gifts, and of course, ate some great food,” Garcetti says in the video. He also said the countries had $200 billion of trade. Garcetti also lauded the UPI saying, “UPI gazab hai (UPI is amazing)”.

“From the seabed to the stars, the United States-India relationship is reaching new heights, including all the way to space where this past year we made huge strides in NISAR, the first satellite that NASA and ISRO are making together. It will blast off later this year,” Garcetti says.

Sharing the video on X, the official account of the US Ambassador to India wrote, “One year as U.S. Ambassador to India! What a ride it’s been – a whirlwind of diplomacy and deepening friendships! From diving into vibrant cultures to strengthening the bond between our nations, every moment has been incredible. But it’s the warmth of the people and our shared dreams that truly stole my heart. Here’s to many more milestones and writing the next chapter of the #USIndia partnership together!”

The video garnered over 20,02,00 views and several reactions from social media users. “This is just incredible. The best I have seen US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti is a Rockstar Tollywood U got a new star here,” a user commented. “Such a wonderful and a powerful message! Your Excellency as you rightly said the India US relations are at the best of all times and shall strengthen further with you being here,” another user wrote.

“Best wishes on completion of 1 year, Hope you are able to achieve Historical bonding beneficial to both countries, during your stay,” a third user reacted. – India Express

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