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Video : ‘Enough With India Bashing…’: A British Journalist Speaks Out

Video : ‘Enough With India Bashing…’: A British Journalist Speaks Out

Assistant Editor of UK-based newspaper Daily Express, Sam Stevenson on May 19 lambasted the western media for its anti-India stance over the years. Speaking to ANI, he said, “I think it’s time to say enough with the India bashing. Down with the anti-India ‘Bakwas’. We need to come here and tell the true, positive stories of new India. Unfortunately, a lot of the narratives that exist in London and across Europe are negative stories about India.

We’re hearing things like religious divisions, but that’s not what we’ve witnessed on the ground. We’ve seen Muslim women in full burqas attending Narendra Modi’s rally. We’ve seen examples of the pluralism of this great and wonderful nation. We’re here to level up the British media’s coverage of this nation. And we’re here to get to the truth and find some real facts and bring them home to London.”



“A section in the Western world, or at least in the UK, seems to be keeping a close eye on India’s trajectory of progress. Hence, a potentially profitable partnership in the interests of their own nation could be a reason for the recent narrative shift. I got the same impression when I attended an Indo-Pacific talk in the UK parliament”, says Amana Begam in her column.

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