Thursday 18th April 2024,
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Video : American Hindu Student Testifies At A Congressional Briefing On Hinduphobia

Jaanhavi Ganesh, a student at Rutgers University testified at a Congressional Briefing raising the widespread Hinduphobia on the rise, especially at Rutgers University.

Hinduphobia is rooted in extreme racism and religious hate which the US already has a long history in but with all the big talk about anti-racism especially indigenous rights, the KKK suit suddenly comes on when it comes to Hindus the largest surviving indigenous people on the planet.

This type of whiteism lynch mob is often led by the progressive/left/liberals and ultra-right-wing Christians like Audery Trukshe who is a professor at Rutgers and an expert on us, heathen pagan Hindu savages who do human sacrifices peacefully like Gandhi every weekend.

And somehow her Methodist past with her parents being missionaries or her Baptist husband’s family who are missionaries and have been involved in activities in India suddenly miraculously vanishes into thin air as playing no part in her views on Hindus.

Of course, to cover their agenda, they have their gungadin, coolies like Hindus for human rights and other brown colonised turds to cover up their tracks to claim Hindutva is ‘Hindu fascism’ and Hindu supremacy ect.

But we also blame the Hindu side who should be out in many thousands in public outside Rutgers and other places calling out this racist and religious hate against Hindus. Hindu temples across the US should be raising this to the Hindu masses there encouraging them to support students like Jaanhavi then things will change for the good.

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