Tuesday 16th April 2024,
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Video : Goddess Kali Temple Vandalised In Bangladesh

To understand the psychology of these far-right Islamists one has to go to the history of their hindu forefathers who were forced converted by the sword as their daughters, sisters and wives were sold as sex slaves to harems. So to feel good as the arab colonized slaves they are , they try to act like their Arab masters by attacking Hindu temples and Hindus . This gives them a feeling of superiority to get over their inferiority complex of knowing they are converted slaves.

But the message is also clear to Hindus, asking, so when are you going to take to real Kshatriya Dharma like Hindus from the past did that kept Hinduism alive today against the worse genocides in history that your indigenous forefathers faced?

Even now hardly any Hindu temple will raise these attacks past and present to the Hindu masses that attend all these temples where they just overdose them with escapist pseudo Hinduism where Hinduism has been distorted to run away from the world rather than taking action against Adharma as Krishna inspires Arjun to do or where Sri Rama himself goes into battle to set the example that real spiritual evolution happens is when you take to action in this world to defend and expand Dharma than running away from it.

Don’t talk Sri Ram but start walking Sri Ram.Ma Kali will be very happy when you do.

Kali Mata Temple in Bangladesh vandalized, deities defaced, and property ravaged by extremists. Historically, Bangladesh was formed by the army of worshippers of Maa Kaali with chants “Jai Maa Kaali aayo Gorkhali”. Pakistan Untold


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