Friday 24th May 2024,
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Video : Far Right Islamo-Fascists Destroy Hindu Temple In Bangladesh

An ISKCON temple has been vandalised in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka just a night before the festival of Holi. A mob of 200 miscreants attacked the temple, desecrated the idols & looted it. 3 devotees sustained injuries in the incident. Radharamn Das, the vice-president of Kolkata ISKCON has condemned the incident. He requested the Bangladesh govt to take strict action & also Demanded security for Hindus. Radharamn also attacked the UN calling it a mute spectator. The latest incident comes a few months after Bangladesh witnessed a series of riots during Durga puja. Watch this video to know more.

Over 150 extremists gathered and allegedly vandalized the ISKCON Radhakanta temple in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. A Hindu organization named ‘Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus’ which works for the Hindu minority community tweeted a video. Vice-president of ISKCON Kolkata Radharaman Das has slammed the attack on the temple. Earlier also Hindu temples were attacked by the extremist elements in Bangladesh. An ISKCON devotee is brutally injured and describes how religious fanatics attacked the ISKCON Temple at Wari Old Dhaka Bangladesh. Today at night another ISKCON temple come under attacked and destroyed the boundary wall at Wari, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. – Times Now

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