Thursday 13th June 2024,
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Video : US – Mass Hindu Protest Against Hinduphobic Discriminatory Laws

Video : US – Mass Hindu Protest Against Hinduphobic Discriminatory Laws

100s of Hindus came out in Sacramento to take action against these fake laws SB403 under the guise of anti-caste discrimination which is just a cover to police indigenous Hindus and those who have initiated/converted to Hinduism.

There are no registered cases of caste discrimination but that doesn’t matter because the US has a whole history of racist and religious hate against Hindus. And with the rise of Hinduphobic hate across the world it’s not surprising what’s taking place.

The hate against the Brahmin is exactly the same discriminatory framework that was used against Jews that led to the Holocaust. This is why it’s not surprising that activists like Cornel West support these anti-Hindu groups including Islamists in Kashmir because he’s a bible-thumping Christian also. So of course the heathen must be giving him nightmares.

Hindu Temples and orgs in California and the rest of US should be calling out Hindus to do mass protests across the country otherwise expect the Hinduphobic hate to be coming into your temples which are already under attack. Swaminarayan and ISKCON have mass followers so they should be out there supporting those fighting against the extreme Hinduphobic hate. 

If the government is so serious about discrimination then let’s see laws against the two other religions that also openly encourage discrimination against others. But that’s never going to happen.

The only thing We would Say is to make noise as no need for silence as that is what gets to people’s heads who then take it more seriously.

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