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Hindu Parenting Course Though George Orwell’s Masterpiece ‘1984’

Hindu Parenting Course Though George Orwell’s Masterpiece ‘1984’

6 sessions on April 16, 6- 7 PM -India Standard Time (IST) guided  by @vamseejuluri Professor of Media Studies at the University of SanFrancisco

We welcome anyone who is curious and eager to learn. Participants need to have their copy of the book “1984” as a reference, and the ability/interest to read the book. This class is envisioned as an attempt to lay the foundation for media literacy and liberal arts thinking.

Register at: and we will reach out to you for payment instructions.

1984 by George Orwell is one of the most commonly prescribed and widely read books in American schools and colleges, and forms an important part of the modern student’s cultural and political literacy. Since its publication in 1949, generations of readers have been inspired by Orwell’s vision to create their own literature, art, and works to reflect on ideas like freedom and truth in the modern world.

In this course, we will read 1984 carefully at multiple levels. First, as a literary work, we will unpack how a novel works in general, and this novel works in particular with attention to formal elements like language, character, setting and so on (this part will be of particular use for students who enjoy writing and wish to become authors). Second, as a political commentary, with some attention to Orwell’s own ideals as an anti-colonialist writer who believed in socialism but also saw the dangers in its excesses. Third, as a guide to the modern world in which technology has become incredibly sophisticated and dangerous- and is used to enforce conformity and compliance in thought, word and deed by powerful leaders and institutions. We will also try to include and inculcate Indian theories of communication and esthetics in our analysis, so that we can better appreciate the nature of art in today’s interconnected world in which Indian and Western elements are so deeply mixed up.

Our class will involve discussing the novel as well as current events and other media as we go along.

Video : Hinduphobia – A Media Studies Perspective by Professor Vamsee Juluri

Use of the term ‘Hinduphobia’ – 1866-1997

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