Tuesday 20th February 2024,
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USA : ” Malignant Corporate Brahmins ” Hinduphobic Racist Slurs By Civil Rights Department

USA : ” Malignant Corporate Brahmins ” Hinduphobic Racist Slurs By Civil Rights Department

Remember the killings in Texas by a brown man killing other brown people proved that you don’t have to be ‘white’ to be a white supremacist just like these Hinduphobic Indians who promote colonial racist narratives against indigenous Hindus.

California Civil Rights Department gets exposed in a well-researched report by CasteGate for its Hinduphobic racial profiling and using divide-and-rule tactics around caste by promoting extreme hate against Brahmins.

Hindu Americans have even more evidence of extreme Hinduphobic hate where they can launch not just one but several lawsuits which would expose all these Hinduphobic fascists while suing them. But the big question always remains, are they?

So far it’s been Twitter anger and ranting or hearing the big status brags about how rich and educated these Hindus are in the US but in reality have absolutely zero influence in politics, media, and academia which is why they are continuously under attack. There are around 3 million Hindus in the US and they all come out on the streets to make noise about this Hinduphobic racism. The many Hindu temples there need to raise this also. Time to go on a full offensive.

#CaliforniaCRD (civil rights department) calls last names – Iyers, Trivedis, Sharmas & Mukherjees “malignant corporate Brahmins”. Among other xenophobic slurs. Court documents are now publicly available. CasteGate.org. This is shocking!

Read the Full Report @ https://castegate.org/


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