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GB News Desperate For PC Stamp Of Approval Pushes Hinduphobic Narrative

GB News Desperate For PC Stamp Of Approval Pushes Hinduphobic Narrative

GB News is a free-to-air news channel in Britain. It is often seen as being right wing, conservative, and offering alternative opinions to the woke leftist agenda that dominates most news channels, especially the BBC. However, when it comes to India and Hindus, it might as well be the same person behind all of it.

The first chairman of GB News was Andrew Neil, who left the BBC in 2020 to set up the channel and present a prime-time evening programme. He presented only nine shows and resigned from his roles at the channel on 13 September 2021. This was the same man who wrote in the Daily Mail on 2 January 2024:

“Indian democracy is now sullied by an ugly Hindu nationalism”

Neil linked Modi to despots such as Putin and Xi, when in fact the political system in India is inherited from the British Raj (as it was Pakistan, the state created by Churchill to be a buffer against the threat from Hindu India, yet became a jihad military complex that exported Islamic terrorism to UK). India is not a threat to the west. In fact it has been the victim of Western support for Islamic terrorism under the euphemism of ‘self-determination’ for Kashmir.

Hosts of shows on the channel include Nigel Farage, Eamonn Holmes, Michael Portillo, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Mark Dolan, Camilla Tominey, and Boris Johnson.

Neil’s comments in the Daily Mail were far from an aberration. With the urban jihad launched against Hindus in Leicester, Farage was quick to blame Hindu extremists for the problem. It might as well have been news from the BBC or the Guardian. GB News has kept with the very left wing narrative when it comes to India.

The news might as well be hosted by George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn. The latest sordid example if that on reporting on the Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA. In India this law has been passed to fast track the asylum process for persecuted minorities in its immediate neighbours: where the majority demographic is Muslim and Islam is the official religion.

Instead of actually investigating the issues, GB news has just parroted wholesale the very news channels it was established to oppose. The CAA is not designed to stop Muslims being citizens of India. It is there to offer asylum to persecuted Hindu, Sikh and Christian minorities. With the rising tide of xenophobia and intolerance towards asylum seekers in Britain, it is a bit rich for a right wing news channel to accuse India of something which it is in favour of in the UK. Facts are ignored in favour of easy clickbait and pandering to Hinduphobia.

The channel has been found to have breached Ofcom‘s standards on several occasions and as of 12 November 2023 was the subject of fourteen investigations. However in the reporting of the CAA, GB New will be at one with the white elite left-wing neo-racist colonialist narrative. It is unfortunate that the masses of British public who do not harbour such views are being fed this unhealthy diet that rots the brain as much as being addicted to that Chinese mind destroying tool known as Tik Tok.

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