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The West’s Karma Finally Catching Up But Will They Learn ?

The West’s Karma Finally Catching Up But Will They Learn ?

Karma is beyond getting rewards or being punished for the deeds you do but its main purpose is to teach you valuable lessons to better yourself so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

How Hatred Reincarnates Itself

The Islamic extremism seen on the streets of Britain since the attack on Israel by Hamas is in ways karmic. It was Britain that backed the creation of Pakistan from India in 1947. Churchill and Lord Wavell put this machinery into effect with the former constantly lambasting the looming oppression of Muslims by “caste Hindu Raj”. When the British started growing as power in India, the remnants of Islamic imperialism were on the retreat as indigenous ‘heathen pagan ‘ Hindus reclaimed their ancient land back from the invaders.

The Mughal empire however found support from the British, notably those who converted to Islam and became known as the white Mughals. But on a more broader level, the British recognised the monotheist affinity that existed between Christianity and Islam.

While all other major pagan civilisations became extinct with their artefacts of former glory remaining in places such as the British Museum, in India that pagan past was thriving against the onslaught of Islam and Christianity. Despite 800 years of slaughter, rape and forcible conversion the Hindus had survived.

This is what the British walked into. They did not come to bring order but to find allies in their conquest, both military and ideological. The main threat was the Hindu resurgence and how it later morphed into the Indian freedom movement.

The Islamic separatist movement was aided by the British rulers so it is not surprising that karma being what it is, that we now see those very same forces active on UK streets under the guise of pro-Palestine marches, helped by hordes of illegal migrants who come with the express purpose of undermining the British state.

Of course, the reality for the majority population of what became Pakistan was to prove rather different in only two decades. In 1971 when the majority Muslim region of East Pakistan was suffering genocide and oppression by its own rulers based on the other side of the Indian subcontinent, it was Hindu-majority India under a Jewish general who liberated the people. General Jacob was later honoured by Bangladesh for his role in saving the country from the neo-colonialist boot of Pakistan.

Yet now the very same India is repeatedly called a fascist state intent on extermination of minorities. In reality, it was in Bangladesh that the Pakistan military and collaborators of al-Shams militia and Jamaat-i-Islamic exterminated, raped and forcibly converted two million Hindus. In this, they were backed by America’s President Nixon and his right-hand man Kissinger. Nixon gave full backing to the Islamic fascist state of Pakistan, even sending one of the seventh fleet to warn heathen Hindu India. This was later exposed by Edward Kennedy.

Leicester Intifada

That attacks on India are not just geopolitical. They are an unconvincing excuse for Hinduphobia in general. In September 2022 Hindus were hunted down in a pogrom, fuelled by jihad preachers Majid Freeman and Mohammad Hijab. The media and politicians either ignored the anti-Hindu violence, or blamed Hindu extremism imported from India.

The local MP Claudia Webb not only ignored the specific Hinduphobia, but has put acid into the wounds by claiming Hindu majority India persecutes others, and spoke against Israel taking action against Hamas.

Despite actual attacks in the UK in the name of Islam and evidence that hate preachers were stoking the flames against Hindus, it was Hindu extremists that were blamed. This was the case on the right as well as the left, as we saw with Nigel Farage parroting exactly the same lines. All without any evidence.

While Western civilisation has been responsible for human rights and democracy as we now know it, there is a darker side, the same dualism found in ancient Iranian beliefs where Ahura Mazda and Ahriman were equal opponents in a bifurcated cosmos.

The same industrialisation which produced urbanisation and greater power to the masses also allowed gulags and gas chambers. At the core of Western civilisation also lies that ‘Other’ which can never quite be submerged; antisemitism, and hatred of the pagans, heathens, and polytheists. Hindus, being the last large remaining body of pagans, are therefore suspect and inferior. Islam, being part of Western civilisation and from the same root of monotheism which elevated Ahura Mazda over Ahriman, is much more amenable to the Western mind than unfathomable polytheism.

Plight of Palestinians

In September 1970, Pakistan’s Zia-ul-haq led a massacre of Palestinians in what was to become known as Black September.

With his authority threatened by Palestinian terrorist organisations, King Hussein of Jordan decided to crack down with his country on the brink of becoming a Palestinian-dominated state. Yet it is almost as if this episode has been forgotten about as an inconvenient past.

Palestinian leaders then regrouped in Lebanon. The resultant demographic imbalance led to a brutal civil war in that country. The massacre in Sabra and Shatila camps by Christian militia in 1982 was the result of Palestinian assassination of Bachir Gemayel. Thousands of Palestinians were expelled from Kuwait after Iraq invaded in 1990 and when the country was liberated due to Arafat’s support for Saddam.

Due to the civil war in Syria led by jihadist outfits such as ISIS, by October 2013, 235,000 Palestinians had been displaced within Syria itself, and 60,000 had fled the country.

Palestinians are the sole foreign group that cannot benefit from a 2004 law passed by Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers, which entitles expatriates of all nationalities who have resided in the kingdom for ten years to apply for citizenship. On the other hand India agreed to take in 165 refugees, with the first group arriving in March 2006. Generally, they were unable to find work in India as they spoke only Arabic though some found employment with UNHCR ‘s non-governmental partners. All of them were provided with free access to public hospitals.

The Palestinian plight has been ongoing since formation of Israel in 1948. Yet as with many postcolonial societies, the masses have been let down by their own leaders who form a kleptocrat elite. The issue could have been dealt with by international partnership and the billions in aid which has poured in. Arab governments have often supported the refugees in the name of Arab unity, or because they viewed the Palestinians as an important source of skilled human capital to support their economic development.

However, Arab governments have also frequently “despised” the Palestinian refugees – either viewing them as a threat to demographic balance (as in Lebanon), or because of the “political message of freedom and emancipation that their ‘Palestinian-ness’ carried”. Yet Israel is blamed for the Palestinian issue. This is despite the fact that by the 2005 agreement Gaza and West Bank were ceded to the Palestinian Authority, and Arabs in Israel enjoy full rights.

Whatever the attacks on Israel were about they were not about Palestinian rights. The protests on UK and other places in ‘sympathy’ with the Palestinians are not about Palestinians. The Palestine issue is camouflage for a more sinister agenda.

War on Hindus

Attacks on India easily morph into Hinduphobia. That is because it is Hinduphobia. Legitimate criticism of India exist, notably how the democratic system has been compromised by political dynasties and a system which allows nepotism and kleptocracy.

Or how opposition to a common civil code is called ‘secularism’. But these are not the issues which dominate. Instead the attacks are focused on Hindus, under euphemisms such as self-determination for Kashmir, majoritarianism, and the old chestnut Hindu fascism. Just as with Zionism, the very last term is one which has been invented to beat down a certain demographic, in this case the oldest surviving pagan civilisation and polytheist culture.

The pro-Hamas demonstrations with their antisemitism, calls for genocide and Nazi sympathies are said to have been a threat to western civilisation and its Judeo-Christian values.

In reality the Judeo part only came into the equation after the last world war and shame of the Holocaust, perpetrated by what was regarded as that most cultured and advanced country in western civilisation, Germany.

Western civilisation does indeed have Christian roots. Secularism is not a denial of those roots but an affirmation of them as much as liberalism and Marxism. It is the next stage of development. While the Jewish element is undeniable it is from the classical world which this Christian ethos rises. It is that which has given western civilisation its two main enemies from the beginning; Jews and pagans.

Antisemitism was central to western civilisation and in many respects remains so. It has just morphed into who practises it the most, with the left-wing white liberal elite encompassing this form of hate as part of their bizarre anti-racism.

This same elite also attack Hindus because that hatred of the pagan has become an attack on Hindu fundamentalism, Hindu extremism and Hindu fascism. These terms are amorphous as they are with Zionism, and attack certain demographics as opposed to ideas.

The axis between left-wing rebel youth and the Islamic forces that will crush them is not as ideologically contradictory as one would think. This is because Islam came from the same classical soup as Christianity, secularism, liberalism and Marxism. This supposed anti-racism and anti-fascism has instead become the new crusade to attack Jews and pagans. In this they find common cause with the most conservative and puritan strands of Islam.

The Golden Land

While Israel has its supporters, now most on the right and conservative circles, the very same will sympathise with Islamic imperialism when it comes to India. Jews are now part of the western civilisation which they seek to protect. Hindus are not. This has deep roots.

Churchill supported Zionism (his own antisemitism notwithstanding), yet had nothing but contempt for pagans, especially Hindus, Hence the support for creating Pakistan. As with antisemitism, Hinduphobia spans the political spectrum. While it may be an integral arsenal of the Left, the right is no less indulgent of it. That is why we find in the street jihad that ripped apart Leicester in 2022, Nigel Farage was attacking Hindu extremism as much as pro-jihad voices on the Islamic right and the Marxist left.

One of the main facts that such forces are keen to dismiss, deny or hideaway is that India was the one place that Jews flourished for 2000 years without persecution from the majority pagan Hindu population.
There were no pogroms, forcible conversion or death camps. Nazism did not just spring from the ether. It had a long gestation period.

Hitler merely tied together long-held prejudices against the Jews into a new package that could be modernised and marketed. Just as the current Western commentators with their racist and neo-colonialist mindset push out against Hindus.

The present violence on the streets in the UK demonstrates that if you can get away with this against Hindus, you can target other sections of the community. This explains the inaction and ineptitude. It is a problem that has been ignored and has come back with even greater force.

Yet in discussions on antisemitism, India is rarely mentioned. Instead we get the constant bogey of Hindu nationalism and its supposed links to Nazism. Yet it was this Hindu nationalism that supported the creation of Israel long before that democratic state was created in 1948. If Hindu nationalism was so antisemitic and linked to Nazism, which did General Jacob join the BJP when he could have chosen one of the leftist and ‘secular’ parties?

The reality is that while western civilisation has been infested with antisemitism, nothing of the sort existed among Hindus. That is why in India this perennial hatred only surfaces with the jihad forces and their allies who claim to be defending democracy from the right-wing Hindu threat.

The attack on Mumbai by Pakistan backed Islamic terrorist Ajmal Kasab in 2008, specifically chose Hindu and Jewish targets for his selective slaughter. In Kasab the two most hated scapegoats of western civilisation came together as legitimate human targets.

Western Heart of Darkness

In claiming Kasab had targeted those most hated by western civilisation this will raise some confusion. Surely western culture is based on Judeo-Christian values? What does Islam have to do with it? The term Judeo-Christian only really came into vogue after the Holocaust which itself was the result of two thousand years of theological hatred. Before then Jews were seen as largely alien and a threat. Islamic civilisation came from the same course in classical civilisation which gave rise to Christianity.

Both saw Judaism as an antiquated edifice that needed to be destroyed. That explains the constant antisemitism found historically in predominantly Christian nations as disparate as Russia, USA and Ethiopia. It also explains why it is the glue that binds Islamic imperialist forces together. The other of course is hatred of polytheists of which Hindus are the most glaring affront in their refusal to become extinct. Yet it is among these pagans that Jews found sanctuary and freedom from persecution, rather than among the affiliated monotheistic faiths and their secular offshoots. That is why western media keeps quite or downplays this, while at the same time pushing the colonialist and racist Aryan invasion myth of India. That same myth is what led to the Holocaust.

Cold War Caliphate

The constant demonization of Israel and the inability to condemn what would amount to a repeat of the Holocaust has a template in the constant attacks on India. These attacks are not on the much-needed political reform from a colonialist system set up to exploit the rules, but are directed towards that country’s Hindu character.

It is hate that dates back to monotheist hatred of pagans, and more recently to the Hindu basis of what became India’s freedom movement. It is a myth that independence was won by Gandhian tactics of nonviolence.

That did not even work with the civil rights movement in America, and fell flat on its face when opposing apartheid. Before Gandhi even entered the scene the Indian fight for independence was well underway, with figures such as Savarkar.

Denounced now as Hindu nationalism and somehow being akin to Nazism, it was these revolutionary freedom fighters who actually led to the British transfer of power. Now interestingly it was Savarkar who supported the creation of Israel long before even the British mandate of Palestine. It was Gandhi who opposed it in a manner that even his Jewish supporters from South Africa found disturbing. Yet it is that pro-Israel and condemnation of antisemitism which is now denounced by Western commentators as being India’s version of fascism.

Without any Hindu terrorist attacks on Western countries, the myth persists that the imaginary right-wing Hindu nationalism is somehow the biggest threat to democracy in India and political stability in the region. Western countries needlessly alienate India.

This is across the political spectrum. While the left revamp racism and antisemitism to push a caste narrative which is anti-Hindu, white supremacist and antisemitic, the right wing conservatives use the same narrative almost without change.

Indeed it is impossible to distinguish if the Hinduphobia is from some outdated Marxist woke source or a conservative thinker such as America’s David Horowitz. Across the political spectrum, it is Hindu nationalism that has become the new scapegoat on which to beat the frustrations of a failed Western civilisation which shares its DNA with Islamic far-right fascism and jihad.

This is why when it comes to genocide against Hindus in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, even the right-wing who support Israel ignore it. Not only does this demonstrate the deeply harboured hatred that is thriving, but as with the creation of Pakistan in 1947, it will have severe geopolitical consequences. Rather than ally with the world’s largest functioning democracy, the Western powers which claim credit for giving India that very democracy keep undermining it as they cosy up to dictatorships in the name of realpolitik. Such behaviours did not stop China from threatening the West within national borders, Russia from invading Ukraine, or Hamas from attacking Israel. It will also not stop the inevitable need for India to be a much-needed ally however much they keep ignoring the obvious.


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