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Video : Hindu American Lady Speaks Out Against US Hinduphobic Thinkpol – Thought Police

Video : Hindu American Lady Speaks Out Against US Hinduphobic Thinkpol – Thought Police

Pushpita here publically does a much better job within a few minutes articulating the Hinduphobic war against Hindus in the US  than all the Hindu orgs and leaders with their millions of donations have done in decades. And as she points out further the Hindu community goes into some sort of hibernation when under attack which is no surprise as when the Hindu ostrich burying its head with turban in the sand mindset is very common across most Hindus even in India itself as its part of this pseudo-Hindu identity where Hinduism has been twisted and distorted to just ‘ignore the problem’ or ‘its all maya/illusion or karma will take care of it because we are so high-status people and everyone loves and respects us’…… NOT.

And in this pseudo-Hindu identity is what most Hindus raise their own children then leads them to be bullied and mocked by others which is why so many end up joining the anti-Hindu side to keep safe.

This is why Hindu temples, congregations, and the Indian embassies are continuously under attack as Hindus are seen as easy targets.
But we never see Hindu temples all coming out to raise the hate against Hindus and Hinduism. They have no exhibits raising the persecution of Hindus to the Hindu masses.

This pseudo-Hinduism is what awakened Hindus need to drag out and criticize when in reality the real Hindu identity rooted in real Hinduism is about standing up against Adharma and even taking full-out action against it which is why this hate of Hindus needs to be raised everywhere in public. By now especially in the US, the temples and their congregations should be out on the streets in their 100s of thousands protesting against Hinduphobic hate.

Imagine New York Times facing many thousands of Hindus protesting right outside their HQ for their Hinduphobic racism. It would be major news itself and their editorial team would be nervous and worried because once you have the racism label stamped on you then it’s not going regardless of how many brown-faced gungadins it tries to use to defend it because it’s rooted in extreme religious hate and racism just like this caste laws as the US Congressman points out at the end of the interview. – hhr

Member of Coalition of Hindus of North America on Hindus in America expressed its fear citing that deep forces are attacking them. Speaking to ANI, Pushpita Prasad said, “The Hindu community has achieved a lot of economic success and that tends to overshadow some of the very deep forces that are now attacking us.

We’ve seen consulates being attacked openly and when you see a statutory place like a consulate and a diplomat getting attacked, the Hindu American community really goes into sort of hibernation. Because if people like that can be so openly attacked, what is it for us?

And all of us in our communities have self-censored. We are very cautious when we organise public events when we have temple gatherings, and when we gather to worship. There’s always a fear in our mind what if somebody shows up? And the next CoHNA’s mission is to make sure that Hindu Americans have a voice wherever we are, whether it’s in our schools, whether it’s our work.” Credit : ANI

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