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Video : Gungadin Thinks Dussehra Will Lead To Arson Attacks On Humanoids

Video : Gungadin Thinks Dussehra Will Lead To Arson Attacks On Humanoids

Another brown-faced colonized coolie Abhinandan Sekhri of Newslaundry criticizes the Ravan burning aspect of Dussehra with Rambo-style bravery  Says, “burning effigy of Ravan will make kids see burning of humanoid as “normalized” from a young age” . Not that we are encouraging it but the way these Hinduphobes keep on bashing Hindus they might end up becoming that ‘humanoid’ .

But the point of this article is not about his comical comments but the response by the usual Hindu online rage calling him out as a ‘liberal’.

This is where these Hindus totally fail by promoting the very Hinduphobic narrative the anti-Hindus want Hindus to . Calling them ‘liberals leftists or secularists’ actually gives them a lifeline and a platform in the West to push the Hinduphobic narrative on how being an ‘open-minded’ progressive liberal is met with the imaginary ‘far-right oppressive Hindutva fascism’ in India.

Then for those white racists here hiding behind ‘liberalism’ leftism’ progressivism’ or the right-wing who love Churchill or from the church use the brown-faced doormats to hide behind to push hinduphobia into the mainstream.

Do you see how this fraud works?

We have told Hindu experts a billion times don’t fall into the trap of the left or right Western narrative which is the continuous racist colonization of India which we saw recently with India’s moon landing where suddenly some in the left and right media attacked India proving there is no left or right but the real war is against the largest surviving indigenous people on the planet known as Hindus . But the Hindu experts never listen

Remember Indian Gungadins are all extreme cowards which is why they are too shit scared to criticize other religions but to feel brave only bully Hindus because so far there are no comebacks. And that’s what it’s all about. This is why just call and label all these Hinduphobic colonized Indians as wimps, cowards, gungadins, colonized coolies, or whatever name that degrades and mocks the mental slave.

If Hindus follow the real examples of Hanuman and Sri Rama in action instead of online ranting they would be closing down these Hinduphobic propaganda networks and no one in India or in the world would be able to do anything about it. It’s time to take action.

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