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A Mass Increase Of Hinduphobic Hate Crimes Reports California Civil Rights Department

A Mass Increase Of Hinduphobic Hate Crimes Reports California Civil Rights Department

Data from the California Civil Rights department points to almost a quarter of reported hate incidents as targeting Hindus. Most incidents were antisemitic at 36.9%, with those hate crimes targeting Hindus at 23.3%. Hate incidents targeting Muslims were at 14.6%. This disturbing data vindicates the work which Hindu Human Rights has been undertaking for over two decades. It flies in the face of so called anti-racist organisations and other outfits exposing hate who are self-censored when it comes to reporting Hinduphobia. That narrative finds its source in the many academics and media outlet, self-styles experts who constantly decry any mention of Hinduphobia as being right-wing, fascist and even racist itself.

In just the last two months six Hindu temples have been attacked in the Bay Area. On 21 May 2024, the very first Hindu Advocacy in New Jersey focussed on the need to pass SCR104 – recognizing Hinduphobia in the state. The passage of H. Res 1131 -the Hinduphobia Resolution introduced by Congressman Shri Thanedar will help in tackling this taboo subject in America, and indeed elsewhere.

The report confirms the well known fact: Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu incidents are more prevalent than previously reported. The increase in anti-Hindu hate incidents aligns with the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report, which recorded 22 hate crimes against Hindus in 2022. However, critics argue that hate crimes are generally under-reported due to the voluntary nature of law enforcement reporting and the high burden of proof required to charge hate crimes.

This also confirms the failing of established Hindu organisations that for decades have been getting millions  in donations from Hindus while Hinduphobic hate has increased rapidly under their noses.By now they would have organised mass protests outside the hub of Hinduphobia known as Rutgers University where a far right white christian supremcist is at the forefront of Hinduphobic hate.

And Hindu temples also need to be brought into a focus as hardly any will speak out against the hate against Hindus even with so many attacks on Hindu temples.


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