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Hindu Orgs That Demand ‘Money, Money, Money Should Be Held Accountable For The Rise Of Hinduphobia

Hindu Orgs That Demand ‘Money, Money, Money Should Be Held Accountable For The Rise Of Hinduphobia

Even Though Money, Money, Money By 70s band Abba is a classic and a showcase of talent but unfortunately the same can’t be said about most Hindu organizations that for over 20 years have demanded Money, Money, Money donations running into millions when we see the rise of Hinduphobia going a millionfold. Most of these orgs are run by individuals with a total lack of knowledge of the very Hinduism they claim to be defending. But they do know how to fool the vulnerable Hindu community which they have been exploiting all this time with claims of how they are fighting the system against Hindus.

All they do is the same routine pictures of being at the Whitehouse or the British parliament with politicians to fool Hindus who then give over their hard-earned cash . But now Hindus are seeing a massive increase in Hinduphobia with even caste laws being passed in the USA which really means policing the Hindu community.

This would be unimaginable if this was being done to any other ethnic or religious community even if the claims were true. The irony is this is being done in the richest country on the planet where the pharmaceutical and military-industrial ‘high castes’ dominate the country exploiting and oppressing the ‘low-caste’ working class who don’t even get free health care but have the nerve to point the finger at the Hindu community the last and largest remaining indigenous people on the same planet as being the oppressors.

But they know they can get away with it because most Hindus lack the knowledge or the ability to defend themselves but for now are represented by these Give Me Money, Money, Money Hindu organizations.

These organizations should be held accountable as they have let the rise of Hinduphobia happen right in front of their eyes and did nothing to stop it. By now there should have held massive protests across the country on a regular basis, especially after the death of a Hindu dalit who was standing up against these hinduphobic laws being pushed in the US. But instead, it was the same Twitter-long Bollywood dialogues proving, even more, why most of these Hindu orgs are useless even though individual Hindus with just monopoly money can do more for the Hindu cause than all these failed Hindu orgs and their big money donations put together.

The only positive thing that has happened in all this negativity is the individual Hindus and their circles have finally started to see through this Give me Money, Money, Money facade and do want answers but also want real action which is why its time to set up professional academia and think tanks with hired professionals and talent along with ground activism.

The few we recommend are academics like  Vamsee Juluri who is also a Media Studies professor at the University of San Francisco. He’s also an Author and columnist for several media news outlets often exposing Hinduphobic narratives.

There are also academics like Sarah Gates in Australia who to the tragic grief of the Hinduphobes discovered the history of the term Hinduphobia back to the 1860s. Shes have also been active on the ground exposing anti-Hindu networks.

On the ground, real Hindus like Rashmi and Glenn who run the Kalifornia Dharmashala have a whole history of being active on the ground.


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