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‘We Don’t Play Victim’ – Classic Symptoms of Hindoo A-holery

‘We Don’t Play Victim’ – Classic Symptoms of Hindoo A-holery

In response to what’s going on in Manipur which is getting world publicity, we see a collective Hindu response on how they don’t play the victim like others do. We often hear them brag about how they don’t play Oppression or outrage Olympics or Victimology Poker even though they are victimized every day.

Now to break this all down, this idea of ‘we don’t play the victim’ really means that we ‘Hindoos’ are so morally and spiritually superior, that even though we are the biggest victims of them all, we don’t lower ourselves to play the victim like others do to fool the world, so give us the noble peace prize. Does that even make any sense? Don’t worry you don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to work that one out.

This mental condition is wanting desperately to feel morally superior and important is rooted in an extreme inferiority complex which many Hindus suffer from, and which is why you often see them bragging about high status, highly educated with loads of money to only end up chucked in the nearest garbage dump with people passing caste laws against them. This is why you don’t see Hindu temples with exhibits of Hindu persecution past or present because Hinduism has been twisted to cowardice wrapped around escapist pseudo-Hinduism.

In this world of escapist pseudo-Hinduism, Krishna is not telling Arjuna to stand up and defend Dharma but he’s telling him to get out his harmonium and sing out-of-tune bhajans on the battlefield which might on a positive note might get the opposite army to put on woolen earbuds on their ears and run off.

But in the real world, this is why the real perpetrators who attack and even kill Hindus then play the victim card to get away with their crimes because they know that world will think,

‘Well if these Hindus were really the ones being persecuted then like ‘normal’ victims they would be out in public in their many thousands protesting, but they are not so the ones protesting against these Hindus must be the real victims.’

If Hindus did come out in their many thousands every time Hindus are attacked, then the world would take them seriously eventually regardless of all the Hinduphobia but the atrocities against Hindus would be brought out to the world and taken seriously eventually.

So simple to understand that without a degree in psychology as that’s how the normal human race works but unfortunately ‘we don’t play victim’  Hindoo Butler still hasn’t worked that out but still can’t understand why he or she or whatever pronouns end up kicked in the face to continue to become a real victim.


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