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The Hindoo Colonials Part 3: The Scam Exposed

The Hindoo Colonials Part 3: The Scam Exposed

When the anti-Hindu rampage began in Leicester and then spread to Birmingham, Hindu ‘extremists’ were blamed. Hardcore street jihadis such as Majid Freeman were freely quotes as viable news sources by the media.

In fact they were the ones that had caused the violence. Shouts were heard that Leicester would be a second Kashmir, cleansed of its Hindus. However the interesting question here is why were the so-called Hindu leaders and their organisations silent even as temples were attacked?

The Sycophants Emerge

On 21 October 2022 Rishi Sunak issued a letter praising the Hindu Forum of Britain for arranging the Diwali celebrations. However, let us look closer into the organisation. As with the Hindu Council UK, HFB claims to represent 400 Hindu temples. So that would mean there must be at least twice this number in the UK, that there is some overlap, or this figure is actually not true.

Indeed trying to get any information from these opaque organisations does resemble the attempts made in uncovering information regarding the financial software used by the Post Office which led to a plethora of miscarriages of justice.

It was on social media this year that this came to a crisis point. Following the pogrom against Hindus in Leicester, HFB and HCUK were strangely silent on this issue. I say strangely because they seem very vocal about anything that raises their status. But as with things that affect Hindus they actually avert their gaze.

On being asked about the silence the HFB’s Lord Rami Ranger flew into a rage and began abusing all and sundry, including the respected journalist Poonam Joshi. Now this is someone who is meant to be a stalwart figure, praised for his charity work and much else.

However he has also been accused of harassing female staff in his business. Now while it is difficult to comment on that without all the details, the abuse flying from Ranger was visible to the entire world. His eventual response was to block any detractors on Twitter. The same had of course also been done by HFB. Now these were just normal questions. So why the extreme response?

Checks and Balances

From its inception in 2000, Hindu Human Rights has been at the forefront of highlighting discrimination and persecution faced by Hindus. When we started we did not expect the opposition to come from other Hindu organisations. HCUK and HFB .

They then proceeded to undermine all the work we had done. This included getting the BBC to remove Hinduphobic articles on its website when they had actually agreed to remove such racist material. Interview with BBC World Service Heart and Soul in 2007 was canned after HFB became involved.

In India, the world’s largest democracy, the system from Britain was inherited and adapted. But the different social and economic situations led to anomalies. While there are elections, the system and mentality of the colonial period remain. Politicians are elected to rule not to represent.

That is why without political connections, the masses cannot improve their lives. It is either crime, emigration or politics; none of which are mutually exclusive categories. It is this mentality with HFB, UCUK and similar bodies that have been imported into the UK.

It is a system which does not reward talent or hard work, but tribal loyalty, mimicry and flattery. Instead of Britain of the twenty-first century, it resembles the England of the eighteenth with its rotten boroughs and destitutions caused by enclosures which caused misery for the oppressed masses that had no political power.

Any work done by grassroots Hindu organisations is then hijacked by HFB and HCUK as being their work. Whenever any encounter has taken place with these parasitic organisations, they often brag how they are educated, are big people, and important individuals; a more conceited and arrogant bunch of social misfits you would be hard to meet before such an experience.

Repeatedly HHR members were told that they were unemployed youth, benefits scroungers, drug dealers or clandestine Christian missionaries. In reality, it was these corrupt Hindu organisations that were the problem.

On meeting Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, HHR were asked why were we complaining about Hinduphobia when it was the Hindu ‘leaders’ themselves who came into parliament to brag how rich, successful and important they were. It turns out Mr Blunt’s comments were merely the tip of the iceberg.

In 2003 HCUK leader Anil Bhanot boasted about how he had stopped Hinduphobia from being recognised. How ironic that almost two decades later he himself became a victim of it when the Islamic outfit Five Pillars exposed one of his tweets and deemed it as Islamophobic. As a result, he left HCUK after causing even more damage.

Now this year when cornered Rami Ranger of HFB began attacking any detractors as Hindu extremists and backed the Democrat Party of America in denouncing the RSS and VHP as terrorist organisations. Yet it was Ramesh Kallidai, former leader of HSF who had been forced to quit when the Evening Standard exposed his links to these outfits. Now such a parallel universe developing would come as a surprise to the masses in Britain.

Decolonisation of Community Leaders

It is impossible to reform such a system. It has to be abolished, obliterated and consigned to the rubbish heap. The previous incarnation of the Hindu Forum had its leader Ramesh Kallidai fleeing to India . Yet opening again under new management the HFB has only become worse. Lord Rami Ranger’s insults on the one hand, and silence of the rest of the HFB politburo on the other demonstrate this. It is not fit for purpose.

This may seem drastic but then we have to ask ourselves who do HFB and HCUK represent? They cannot even answer basic questions without going silent or throwing a tantrum. In other situations, such enquiries would be deemed normal. But with these scam centre-type groups the only acceptable type of behaviour is begging for help, grovelling in the ground like some medieval peasant before the lord of the castle, or the modern peasant before the local official in India. Just as apartheid South Africa appointed homeland leaders who on the whole rewarded themselves handsomely but shut their own subjects out of any democratic process, so the government of the UK needs to realise that just by having these organisations as representatives of the Hindu community is nothing more than a barely disguised minority appeasing sop.

ImageIt does nothing for the community or country. It does nothing for helping harmonise social tensions. When Hindu temples were attacked in Leicester and Birmingham, where were these groups? If the HCUK and HFB claim to represent hundreds of temples one would have expected them to have done something other than comply with self imposed gagging orders. When they do speak it is to attack Hindu ‘extremists’ who do no exist.

Why were they silent and indeed complicit when the mainstream media blamed Hindus for the attacks they faced from street jihadis? In fact they only emerge for annual Diwali celebrations. For over two decades successive governments have backed these types of scam organisations.

With Rishi Sunak now as prime minister racism and Hinduphobia are rising to new levels. For the right, they are incensed that someone of colour is now a British leader. For the left, they are incensed that a Hindu is Prime minister. The issue of wealth and being out of touch is merely a side issue, as this was not brought up with the public school-educated Johnson. Now can scam organisations such as HFB and HCUK deal with this effectively? Obviously not which is why they need to be defunded and abolished allowing new professional bodies with the requisite orientation and ethos deal with the problems that exist.

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