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Manipur Incident > World News – Udupi > No World News Why ?

Manipur Incident > World News – Udupi > No World News Why ?

Reports by the Hindu Twitter network exposed a group of Muslim girl students, Shaifa, Shabanaz and Aliya who placed cameras in female toilets of their college in Udupi to record hundreds of unsuspecting Hindu girl students. And then the videos and photos were then circulated in WhatsApp groups by the perpetrators.

Twitter Hindus are asking why isn’t the media not raising the issue in Udupi on the scale they are over Manipur which has become global.

Well, if massive crowds of Hindus came out on the streets across the country like those who have for those women in Manipur then it would eventually become global news.

At the end of the day, it’s about selling news that these Hindus still haven’t worked out. Many of our past protests did get news coverage ranging from Indian media to even the hinduphobic BBC and other world media because we went out in public. The success of the Ram Temple movement was before social media because Hindus took action on the ground across India with several killed by police bullets.

But when are these keyboard Hindu activists sitting on their Twitter high horses who together have millions of followers ever going to go on the ground in public to raise these issues like others do is the real big question ?

If things could not get worse the Hinduphobes who are active have got the police after the Twitter Hindu celebs reporting the incident. Yes, let’s all stand together behind our worn-out keyboards hiding under our beds to put fear into the Hinduphobes standing outside our windows.
We have no clue what Hinduism they claim to be defending when real Hinduism encourages action on the ground which is why it survived while all other ancient civilisations ended up in the museum.

Even we see most of these online Twitter Hindus as total extreme cowards just farting pakora gas to suffocate each other with self-praises while achieving nothing for the Hindu cause but worse inviting more attacks from Hinduphobes who will take real action.


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