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Video : “The Trouble With India Is That It’s Full Of Hindus ” – Edward Longshanks

Video : “The Trouble With India Is That It’s Full Of Hindus ” – Edward Longshanks

Actually, the title of the article is intentionally misquoted  “The trouble with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots” as said by King Edward 1st also known as Edward Longshanks is from a scene in the movie Braveheart but the intentional misquote does apply to the western Hinduphobic establishment replacing longshanks while the Scots with Hindus even among those who may love India and also those who teach Yoga while making a living from it. Do you ever see them raise the persecution of Hindus? most of the majority never.

There are many who practice aspects of Hindu spirituality and have titles of being swamis and gurus but where are they when Hinduism is mocked and degraded? nowhere to be seen.

But often they unite with far-right Christian fundamentalists like Audery Trukshe and far-right Islamists or the secular church of leftists to join in with them to push out hinduphobic racist propaganda every day on the danger of imaginary global Hindutva because the ‘Trouble With India is that it’s full of Hindus’.

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