Tuesday 18th June 2024,
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Video : Intellectual kshatriyaism Alone Will End Up Hindus Next To Egyptian Mummies In British Museum

Video : Intellectual kshatriyaism Alone Will End Up Hindus Next To Egyptian Mummies In British Museum

If Rajiv Malhotra the Intellectual Kshatriya General in Chief needs police protection and escort as he escapes full speed in his ChaiPakoraMobile to safety out of his own book and talk event when threatened by 5-6 drunk toothless paan addicts shouting ‘ murdaabaad and give back my dentures! . Then what does this say about Intellectual kshatriyaism ?

 Obviously, without Ramanujan or Einstein needing to work out the answer, that Intellectual Kshatriya alone is not going to save Hinduism but reviving the real Kshatriya as history has shown will. Or otherwise sooner or later, these Hindus with their intellectual Kshatriyaism will end up dead as Anglo-Indian actor Boris Karloff and the Egyptian mummies lying in the British museum to be admired by passing visitors.

Still, something these intellectual Kshatriyas with their book launches, articles, Twitter lectures and youtube videos haven’t worked out when Hinduism ironically they claim to defend also encourages the real Kshatriya to go on the offensive when all else has failed like were are seeing daily with attacks against Hindus across the world.

Even on the intellectual side, they are a total failure as they haven’t made any difference in any academia/media/politics because they haven’t set up any professional think tanks or academic institutions or media platforms as normal people do. Nobody is stopping them, there is no lack of finances but unfortunately, many of these intellectual Kshatriyas suffer from the ‘me me me’ culture so it all comes down to read my book and praise me nonstop and give me donations. They do massive events with no clear strategy or practical work plan like that failed event in Chicago back in 2018 the World Hindu Conference in Chicago.

Time for these Hindus to start with Hindu push ups, Hindu squats and Hanuman muay thai that the rest of the world has taken up or be ready for the museum with their books.

Hooligans from SFI tried to storm my book discussion at U of Hyderabad today. Vice Chancellor & ⁦@Swamy39

⁩ were on the panel. Police blocked the goons & escorted my car after the event.




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