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Video : Why Does Rajiv Malhotra Keep On Claiming He Coined ‘Hinduphobia’ ?

Video : Why Does Rajiv Malhotra Keep On Claiming He Coined ‘Hinduphobia’ ?

Rajiv Malhotra in this recent news clip once again claims he coined the term Hinduphobia when it’s well known it was already in use in the UK media even far back as the 1860s.  Did he time travel in a DeLorean like in the movie Back To The Future and promoted the term to the UK journalists back then?

By making false claims he not only destroys his own credibility but also invites the Hinduphobes to bash down the genuine Hindu issues he does bring up as being made up.

In the clip further, he also shoots the Hindu cause in the foot down even more by claiming he got the idea of Hinduphobia from Islamophobia when in reality it’s the other way around.

So now again he’s given the Hinduphobes even more ammo to say ‘See he’s openly admitting he copied Hinduphobia from Islamaphobia’ which they have been saying from day one. He also makes it harder for many other Hindu activists trying to raise Hindu issues because then it all gets lumped into the same accusations of being false ..

Instead of working with other Hindus to work on a strategic plan jointly to then take on the enemy, we often see several Hindu experts suffering from the messiah complex all wanting personal glory and fame which ironically goes against the very Hinduism they claim to be defending.


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