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Video : A Real Active Hindu Asks Does The Hindu Community Deserve To Live ?

Video : A Real Active Hindu Asks Does The Hindu Community Deserve To Live ?

Hindu refugees from Pakistan living in Gangana, Jodhpur, faced further persecution when their homes were bulldozed by the Jodhpur Development Authority and local police. Thousands of Hindu men, women and children refugees living in extreme poverty are now made homeless.

Regardless if the state is under CONgress rule but this is a country of a billion Hindus where Hindus are regularly attacked and killed along with getting ethnically cleansed.  A country where Hinduism is mocked regularly and where the education system is still rooted in colonial Hinduphobic racism that brings out on a conveyor belt the worse type of Hinduphobic garbage that goes around the world inciting more hate against Hindus and justifying their persecution. And no action is taken by the so-called ‘Hindu Nationalist BJP or worse the Hindu community itself.

But as always the majority Hindu community sit there impotent. It has nothing to do with the myth of Hindu disunity as we can see millions celebrating Hindu festivals and attending Hindu temples every week ‘unitedly’.  All comes down to pure cowardice and nothing else. So it’s not surprising that real active Hindus like Dr Omendrea Ratnu are peeved off because that’s the feeling among other active Hindus also.


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Swati Goel Sharma

Look at Iran where women leading a revolution against the brutal Mullah regime are fighting till the end but where are the billion Hindus?

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