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2005 HHR Protest for Pakistani Hindus: 7 years on what has changed ?

2005 HHR Protest for Pakistani Hindus: 7 years on what has changed ?

On a freezing cold morning 18 th December 2005, HHR done a protest outside the Pakistan Embassy in London raising the issue of kidnapped Hindus girls and persecution of Hindus in Pakistan. That time we had no support from most human rights groups or the media.  So what has changed since 7 years on ?

Well the situation of Hindus hasn’t changed but may have got even worse but the good thing is at least now many good people around the world are aware of it and many voices are raising the issue , the media is also now covering it with many human rights and Hindu groups also raising the issue. But much more has to happen to help and support our Hindu brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

Below our press release and letter to the Pakistani ambassador then with photos.Unfortunately The Hindu family we tried to help we never heard from again.

“Press Release
– Hindu Human Rights Protest on Sunday 18 December 2005 to the Pakistan Government for Human Rights Abuses upon the Hindu Minority

The recent upsurge in the kidnappings of Hindu women and girls in Pakistan has raised deep concerns about the rights and future of the Hindu minority in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Reports suggest that murders and looting’s of Hindus have also been on the increase in Pakistan. Numerous Hindu temples have been vandalised or destroyed in the last few years. The small Hindu minority lives in constant fear of persecution and harassment in Pakistan.

Yet the authorities have failed in every case to take action against known criminals and have yet to lift a finger to help find those Hindus who are still missing. Indeed, the constitution and legal system of the country openly discriminates against the Hindu minority. Enough is enough and it is time for all civilised people to stand up and let their voices be heard in a protest to the Pakistani authorities.

Before independence from colonial rule, in 1947, Hindus made up approximately 25% of the population of what became Pakistan. Even after the Partition of the Indian Sub-continent, Hindus were still a 15% minority in that region. Today, repeated genocide and ethnic cleansing has forced the number of Hindus down to below 2% of the population – however this represents more than 5 times the number of Hindus living here in the UK.

Join us to protest against the ongoing Human Rights abuses against the Hindu minority in Pakistan on Sunday 18 December 2005 from 12 pm onwards outside the Pakistan High Commission, 34-36 Lowndes Square, London. Nearest tube station: Knightsbridge (Piccadilly line).

Hindu Human Rights
Serving Hindus Worldwide

Letter to Pakistani Ambassador

High Commissioner for Pakistan to the United Kingdom
High Commission For Pakistan
35-36 Lowndes Square
London SW1X 9JN

”Dear Dr. Maleeha Lodhi,

Hindu Human Rights aims to highlight the persecution, discrimination and other abuses against Hindus and Hinduism worldwide. With respect to this, it has unfortunately come to our attention that the Hindu minority of Pakistan, numbering some 2.5 million people, not only suffers marginalisation and discrimination, but that this happens right under the nose of government machinery, the very apparatus which should be helping them and treating them on an equal footing with other citizens, especially the majority community. This has been most poignantly been brought out by a recent kidnapping and forcible conversion of three young Hindu girls in Pakistan.

That is why today, Sunday 18 December 2005, the Hindu Human Rights Group is holding a rally outside the Pakistan High Commission in London to highlight the discriminatory and often brutal way in which the significant Hindu minority is treated in your country. The recent case of three kidnapped Hindu girls, Reena (21), Usha (19) and Rima (17) daughters of one Sanao Menghwar, a resident of Karachi, only highlights what is a daily occurrence for the Hindus who live in Pakistan. With discrimination and general negative attitudes backed up by the full force of the legal system, Hindus in your country are marginalized, persecuted, and harassed. Those three innocent girls have been forced to disown both their ancestral faith and the parents they grew up with due to the action of a handful of extreme fanatics.

Hindu Human Rights is writing to you in appeal to rectify the humiliating and uncomfortable position minority Hindus in Pakistan have found themselves in, through no fault of their own, and one which simply cannot be countenanced or tolerated by a progressive and civilised nation. We also want you to know that the world is watching to see how your country treats its minorities and we will continue to highlight these abuses until adequate action is taken to protect the Hindu minority in Pakistan.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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