Wednesday 24th July 2024,
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Video : Indian Colonised Gungadins Make Girl Sing Brahminphobic Song

Video : Indian Colonised Gungadins Make Girl Sing Brahminphobic Song

For a TV Talent Show in Kerala, A small girl sings a communist song while the bourgeoisie evil ‘brahmins’ are shown beating a lower caste woman. And this is a family show in a country of a billion Hindus. This is equivalent to the nazis regularly showing Jews as the evil zionists oppressing the underclass on TV in Israel. If Mossad haven’t reached the TV studios first then we know the Jewish population would be there in seconds.

But anyone knows the billion Hindus sitting in India aren’t going to take any action but only will be found ranting on Twitter. This is the state of Kerala the land of Adi Shankara where they even celebrate the Hindus massacres of Hindus by Moplahs in 1921 . The Indian colonised cowardly coolie who claim to be communist but would be on the first flight to the capitalist west take pride in eating ‘beef’ and can only show their bravery to Hindus so this will continue unless the hindoo cowardice syndrome is cured.



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