Wednesday 04th October 2023,
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Video :Hindus Hold Mass Protest In Karnataka

Finally, thousands of real Hindus did a mass protest over the scandal at Netra Jyoti College in the Udupi district of Karnataka,  where Hindu female students were secretly recorded in the washroom by their Muslim classmates who then shared the videos on whatapps ect. The local authorities then whitewashed the crimes as just a prank being the cowards they are but then started harassing the Hindus who exposed the scandal.

We, of course, criticized the twitteratri Hindus for never going on the ground in their thousands to protest but we are happily proven wrong with this protest at least even though there needs to be more across the country, especially now when the local police have filed FIRs on several speakers at the protest.

If Hindus come out in mass numbers across the country to support the Hindu protests in Udupi then this will put fear into the local and the main government running the Hinduphobic apartheid state against the majority indigenous Hindus. This is why millions need to be out on the streets raising all the Hinduphobic crimes to the masses and the world.

When more ground action with mass numbers takes place then this eventually will make the persecution of Hindus global news.



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