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Video : Indigenous Hindu killed by Far Right Abrahamics

Video : Indigenous Hindu killed by Far Right Abrahamics
Karnataka : 40 Far Right Islamists kill Harsha a 26-year-old Hindu male for facebook post against #Hijab in schools. Harsha was actively campaigning for secular uniform in school/colleges.

My son is a Hero, he is not Coward. It shouldn’t happen to anyone else what happened my son, We need Justice, we demand the encounter of Culprits- Mother of Harsha.

My brother is killed for being Hindu, he died Chanting Jai shree Ram, we want justice Sister of Harsha. #JusticeForHarsha


Arun Pudur@arunpudur#Harsha was fearless Hindu. He was attacked last time by 40 Muslims, he and his 6 friends had fought them all and chased them away. She alleges on record that, it was Muslims who killed Harsha yesterday.” Lady says

👉🏼As per reports 5 Muslims lynched him

Harsha, Bajrang Dal Karyakarta Murdered In Karnataka’s Shivamogga

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26-year-old Harsha was stabbed to death in Shivamogga on Sunday 9:30 pm 20 Feb 2022.  He was amongst those protesting against #Hijab in Schools by wearing saffron shawls in Sahyadri College 

Harsha was from a poor family and was the breadwinner. Father is a tailor and mother homemaker. As a Hindu activist, he was always threatened. He has 2 older sisters who are married.

More details are awaited. Entire proceeds after small processing fees would go to the family of Harsha. Our team has established contact with the family but as it just happened, we will wait a few days to get their documents.

Read more: https://www.crowdkash.com/campaign/2662/support-bajrang-dal-harsha-killed-in-hijab-row-karnataka#ixzz7LXaXUgtu

This is premeditated murder, says activist Rashmi Samant



I am #Harsha Do #HinduLivesMatter too ? RT if you agree


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