Wednesday 12th June 2024,
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HHR Rant On India’s Election

Even though the opposition are celebrating with their pot belly dance routine after gaining a few toilet seats, the message is very clear to the BJP who still retains power after losing Ayodhya to not take the Gods as fools. Yes, building temples are good but that alone is not going to save Hinduism. Sri Rama didn’t sit on X all day ranting about Ravana but went forth in ground action, a message not only to the BJP but also to Hindus all across the world especially against the rise of Hinduphobia everywhere.

Krishna is not telling Arjun to sing bhajans on the battleground to scare off the opposing army but saying true spirituality is in action by going to the battlefield which is why Arjuna who at first thinks he has been cursed sees later his dilemma as really a blessing in disguise to take up war against Adharma.

We have seen this throughout history why Hindus survived due to a resistance unmatched anywhere across the world by Indigenous people that took to war. Not only Hindu men but also Hindu women led wars to defend their Hindu civilization which is why we didn’t end up in the museum like most other ancients who we need to also bring back in time.

But coming back to present India and being in power all this time the BJP has had more than enough power to close down all anti-Hindu networks and their propagandists who are still operational in the academia, media, and political circles. Remember the most colonized embarrassing subservient Indians come from the colonized Indian education system and often go around the world promoting myths of Hindu fascism and supremacy to get a pat on the back from Gora Sahib .

The BJP should be taking action against this network and no one in India or around the world could do anything to stop that but instead would be bowing down for India. And with so many Hindu causes still not solved the message of the Gods are blunt take action today Mr Modi.

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