Thursday 13th June 2024,
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Video – Hinduphobia Tour Report : Labour Party-London HQ

The Labour Party, formed to represent the working class, the party which claims to want equality and help oppressed groups, especially minorities and people of colour. With its historic role in combating racism and pushing for greater rights in the workplace, Labour became the natural home for the many immigrants who came to Britain to help in the postwar reconstruction. They hardly needed any persuasion. The Conservative Party was seen as hostile to people of colour, the Commonwealth immigrants. The Monday Club was a powerful pressure group within the Conservatives, pushing for a reversal of immigration, voluntary repatriation and standing by white minority rule in Rhodesia and South Africa. Yet in 2021 we find the roles reversed. It is Labour which has become the party of hate, blurring the thin line between mainstream democratic parties and the apocalyptic eschatology of race wars of the Far Right. In fact can we even use terms such as left and right-wing, because, with regard to Hindus, the Labour Party takes on a disturbing resemblance of the ultranationalist Nazi-style outfits which demonised people of colour? These attacks on minorities were not just speeches and propaganda. They took physical form, as does the Hinduphobia pushed by Labour today.

When faced with such serious accusations anyone should have the right to respond. Hence we contacted Labour on many occasions, including specific MPs, party leader Sir Keir Starmer and various regional offices. No response. No reply. A wall of silence. So HHR went to the party office in London. Turns out nobody is at home and we are asked again to email the same address that gets no response.

Is this the new Labour Party? The party that has no accountability? The party that allows hatred once found in the pages of National Front’s Bulldog to become mainstream narrative? It is a sad epitaph to a party that did so much for the working class, minorities, women and oppressed marginalised groups to actually be complicit and encourage victimisation of those it deems ‘enemies’. This same party is importing the hate and communal violence that plagues Hindu existence in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh into the UK. It also risks alienating a nation of one billion needlessly. Like trying to convince n addict to drugs, alcohol and gambling to quit their destructive habit these exhortations go in vain. When a political organisation becomes a toxic force it goes beyond just being an unhealthy joke. It is a disease that will ultimately consume the Labour Party itself and consign it to political irrelevance.

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