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The Guardian Of Hinduphobic Lies Now Claims Hindu Chauvinism Invasion of UK

The Guardian Of Hinduphobic Lies Now Claims Hindu Chauvinism Invasion of UK

The lefty white elite Guardian came back with its usual anti-Hindu rhetoric. In its editorial of 27 November 2022 it accuses India of exporting along with Mangoes, Hindu Chauvinism. Who knows, but maybe the dinghies coming across from France are all full of illegal Hindu Chauvinists who are living here in 5-star hotels paid by the British taxpayer before they get asylum from the Hindu PM Rishi Sunak, who might also be on the act as we did see him do secret Hindu Kabbadi bear hugs and lambada with Modi in Bali.

The Guardian also blames India for attacks on Leicester’s mosques in disturbances that took place in that city. In reality, it was Hindu temples, Hindu property and Hindu people that were attacked. The Guardian then sent down Aina Khan to find Hindu ‘extremists’ using misreporting and fabricated evidence that threw gutter journalism of this hate sheet further into the sewage.

Not that the Guardian needs much encouragement in this direction. Just as Der Sturmer of Julius Streicher pushed virulent antisemitism under the Third Reich, its reincarnation as Bulldog, newspaper of the National Front which encouraged violence against blacks and Asians, the Guardian does this with Hindus. Perhaps incensed by the fact that even a few Hindus dared to protest the Guardian now blames Hindus for the very attacks they faced.

It is like reading one of Joseph Goebbels’ speeches on Kristallnacht which blamed Jews for the violence meted out to them by SA thugs in 1938. The Guardian never allows the Hindu viewpoint, nor does it engage with Hindu grievances.

Behind its liberal credentials is a vile institution, founded on money from slavery, which supported the Confederacy in the American Civil War, and now spews attack after attack on Hindus. Any modern manifestation is not found in this mythical export of Hindutva. It is found in the left-wing, liberal neo-racist and neo-colonialists pages of the filth that is the Guardian.

The much-publicised protests outside the Guardian in September 2022 had the usual effects. Nothing. The fact that Hindu organisations actually did something was at least admirable but again they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Apart from the poor attendance (which is usual in these circumstances since HHR’s protests are shunned by these very same self-appointed leaders) the Hindu groups made the usual mistake of saying how well-off and successful Hindus are. Just as the image of Rothschild is used by fanatics as means of justifying antisemitism, these comments only push the prevailing narrative that Hindus in the UK are some elite caste who despise the less fortunate.

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