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Good Morning Britain Goes Hinduphobic

Good Morning Britain Goes Hinduphobic

“I hate Indian people. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion (Hinduism)” – Winston Churchill

TV personality Adil Ray claimed on 6 April 2023 on Good Morning Britain that he has suffered ‘nothing but racism’ for past week after Suella Braverman’s comments on British Pakistani men being responsible for a disproportionate amount of sexual exploitation in the UK. Ray’s co-host, Kate Garraway, added that the racism her colleague has experienced has been ‘unsettling and unheard of’ for him on social media in recent day. Yet rather than focusing on Braverman’s actual remarks, Ray found an easy scapegoat in then diverting attention to Hindus. He responded:

‘It’s really bad. This morning, and now I’ve got Hindu Indian nationalists at this time in the morning messaging me, because they’ve caught up onto this. Because they see a British Indian woman backing this and think, “Yes, she’s right. There is a problem with Muslims. There is a problem with Pakistanis.” It is disgusting.’

But Suella Braverman’s father was Catholic, her husband is Jewish (they attend Bushey synagogue) and she is herself a member of a Buddhist sect. So where was this completely unfounded link to “Hindu Indian nationalists”?

Yet Ray went unchallenged. ITV followed the usual British mainstream media in allowing Hinduphobia to be broadcast from its powerful brainwashing machine, and to go unchallenged. The problem actually does not lie with minority communities, including the one which Ray belongs to. It is a narrative created by the white left-wing elite, a neo-racism.

Instead of using blatant racially derogatory terms as was commonplace in the past, they use euphemisms to sound acceptable. Hence we have this “Hindu nationalist” swear term being weaponised. It is consistent with the white elite’s view of how it enforces multiculturalism. This is not some utopia where various communities learn off each other, coexists and make diversity a strength. Instead, it is a gladiatorial contest of various racial and gender ‘tribes’ who seek dominance.

If we examine the environment in which Ray was able to successfully divert attention from the disproportionate number of Pakistani Muslim men involved in grooming gangs to this straw man of Hindu nationalism then we need to go no further than the events in Leicester in September 2022. In this pogrom by urban jihadists in which police were powerless to stop Hindu property and persons being attacked in a manner eerily similar to Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany, Hindus were blamed.

The media and politicians quickly found an easy scapegoat in manufacturing the threat of Hindu extremism from India as being exported to cause problems. Only this month, the Labour Party in Leicester deselected seven sitting Indian-origin councillors from contesting the polls on the party ticket. Six are Hindus. This is the same city where the controversial Mayor Peter Soulsby, who met Islamist Majid Freeman during the anti-Hindu violence in the city, using him as an authoritative voice on the subject. This is the same city where the sitting MP was suspended from the party whip in September 2020 after being charged with harassment of a woman who was having an affair with her then-partner and has expressed support for the secessionist movement in India that have an anti-Hindu agenda.

Ray knows that he is doing this by targeting Hindus. So does the left-wing racist white elite of Good Morning Britain which lets his views go unchallenged.


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