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Bangladesh : Ms. Manti Rani Sarkar – Hindu School girl kidnapped and forcefully Converted

Bangladesh : Ms. Manti Rani Sarkar –  Hindu School girl kidnapped and forcefully Converted

Ms. Manti Rani Sarkar (16) Minority Hindu adolescent School girl kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam on 9th November, 2015 at Sunamgonj District. This Hindu family compelled to leave home due to repression.BDMW investigating and helped stop leaving motherland.

Country: Bangladesh.

Nature of crime: Abduction and Forceful conversion

Name of the Victim: Ms. Monty Rani Sarkar (16)

Date of Birth: 10.08.1999.

What type of Minority: Religions Minority

Father’s Name : Dhiresh Chandra Sarkar (Male) (Retired Primary Head Teacher)

Mother’s Name:  Ms.  Manju Rani ( Female)

Consent taken or not: Yes

Address of the victim: Village: Joyshree,  P.O. & P.S : Dharmapasha, District-Sunamgonj –

Name of the perpetrators: 1) Mohammad Ali@ Rumi Meah (23) 2) Md. Hossain@ Hira Meah (35)  3) Md.Judu Meah (22), son of Ikram Hossain Bulbul 4) Oli Meah (28) son of Lak Chand, all of Badeharipur of Joysree, P.S. Dharmapasha, Sunamgonj.

Date of occurrence: 09.11.2015 about a.m. 11 a.m.

Place of occurrence:  North & eastern side of Itauri village on the road behind Barabari, 2 kilometers away from Police station.

Complainant of the case: Dhiresh Chandra Sarkar (Father of the victim)

Case Number:  Moddhonagar PS case No.03 dated 18.11.2015 under section 7(30) of Women and Children Act, 2003

Date of investigation: 11th December, 2015

Investigator: Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

Facts of the Case:

While Ms. Monti was going back to her maternal uncle’s home on foot after filling up forms appearing for SSC Examination from her school at Mddonagar, kidnaper –   1) Mohammad Ali@ Rumi Meah with the help of   Md. Hossain@ Hira Meah , Md.Jadu Meah , &   Oli Meah with ill intention intercepted the victim to proceed  and forcefully taken her away with a motor vehicle towards unknown destination. Monti cried but nobody came forward for her rescue, some local witnesses observed the scene in broad day light.  The victim was a student of Maddanagar Girls High School, candidate of School Certificate Examination to be held January-16. Due to forceful abduction she could not appear at the examination.

Legal Action:

Father of the victim – Dhiresh Chandra Sarkar made a general diary No.319 dated 10.11.2015 at Maddanagar  police station as soon as he came to know that Monty was kidnapped , thereafter he also lodged first information report (F.I.R) at  Maddanagar PS being PS case No 03 dated 18.11.15 station 7(30) of Women and Children Act, 2015 against four perpetrators.


I, along with Tapan Kumar Pandey, Ms.Rina Talukdar, Md. Abdur Zabbar and Mohammad Sumon of Bangladesh Minority Watch   (BDMW) visited the spot on 11.12.15 at about 11.00 hours, met with legal guardian of the victim, We also visited Officer in charge of Moddynagar police station after crossing a river “Sureswari” by way of engine trawler, talked with Md. Mazaharul Hoque – O.C. and came to know that the perpetrators along with victim absconding. I also enquired why the victim has not yet been traced out after a gap of more than one month. The O.C. did not arrest perpetrators till writing of this report.  We also communicated with Moazzem Hossain Ratan – local Member of Parliament over his cell number 01715020833 who made us to understand that due to his initiative police registered the case, but unfortunately the victim was not recovered and the perpetrators had not yet been arrested, but on the other hand minority family members are on threat for withdrawing the case Moazzem Hossain Ratan also advised us to communicate with O.C. Maddanagar P.S. for recovery of the victim. I also interrogated O.C. why he did not initially take any action to apprehend the abductors despite ample opportunities for recovery of victim prevailed, O.C. could not answer properly. I also asked him why the names of abettors (Muslim neighbor) who abetted other co-accused for committing crime were not included in the First information report – he did not answer due to obvious reason. We requested Officer in Charge of local police station to help displacement of Hindu family from their motherland and as per our request


Media :  Some of national news agencies : The Daily Sangbad, The daily Ittefaq.


Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about abduction and  forceful conversion of Hindu girl and we demand:-

1)    That the victim should be recovered to produce her before the court to 

Ascertain the age of the girl and to hand over her to her legal guardian.

2)    The perpetrators along with abettors should be arrested as per law of the land.

3)    The affidavit sworn in by the victim putting pressure on her to become Muslim and the news published in the newspaper should be investigated.

4)    The perpetrators responsible for kidnapping and forceful conversion should be punished as per law.

5)    International covenant on protection of rights of women and children should be uphold.

6)    The date of marriage as per national and international law should be maintained.

We came back from the spot (Moddonagar) on the 11th December, 2015 at night.


Adv. Rabindra Ghosh

President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari PS, Dhaka Bangladesh.

Mobile : 0088-01711172468

From Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

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