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HHR Letter to Kali Ma Beer Makers

HHR Letter to Kali Ma Beer Makers

Complaints can be made to Mr. Jason McAdam


website : http://burnsidebrewco.com/

 HHR Letter

Dear Mr. Jason McAdam,

As the brewmaster at the Burnside Brewing Company the Hindu Human
Rights Group is expressing concern at your plans to manufacture an
alcoholic beverage after a Hindu Goddess revered by millions of people throughout the world.

HHR regrets that once again American culture has demonstrated its
crass ignorance towards non-Christian cultures, especially that of
Hindus. We have learnt that on 15 May 2012 your company has plans to
release its new brand of beer named ‘Kali-Ma’, named after the Hindu
deity of the same name. Revered by millions and symbolising female
power known as shakti, Kali Mata is one of the most popular of
goddesses in Hinduism. Your brewing firm openly admits plundering
ancient Hindu culture to make money for its latest project while
ignorance of Hinduism, Hindus and many non-western and non-Christian
cultures remains rampant in a nation that prides itself on being the
freest nation in the world.

It is particularly revealing that Oregon has often been cited as the
most racist state in America and has a long history of intolerance
going back to its time as a Union territory. At various times
Oregonians of indigenous, African, Chinese, Japanese and Asiatic
Indian descent have met with brute force of racism, including ethnic
cleansing from the state by both mob violence and official sanction –
the latter at one point being enhanced by the power of the Ku Klux
Klan in the state during the 1920s. 1994 report from an Oregon Supreme
Court taskforce found minorities more likely to be arrested, charged,
convicted, incarcerated and on probation than “similarly situated
non-minorities.” The report put the onus squarely on institutional
racism within the state and recommended multicultural training of the
existing justice system personnel aswell as diversifying the
perspectives, backgrounds and demographics of future hires. As
recently as 2008 a Grand Jury ruled that three white assailants
ripping the turban off a Sikh trucker’s head in Oakland(Oregon) did
not constitute a hate crime. Hence it seems that one again those
deemed ‘different’ from ‘normal’ America are only useful when it comes
to having their traditions and cultures plundered and mocked as was
once done by portraying American Indians as wild savages,
African-Americans as stupid and parodied in black and white minstrel
shows as whites donned blackface, and Chinese immigrants as an
unwanted alien presence. So are now Hindus merely in the latest line
of crass and soul-destroying ethnic stereotypes?

HHR would like to believe that the name for the Kali Ma beer was
chosen without malicious intent. We also believe that the Burnside
Brewing Company has the right to conduct its commercial operations as
it sees fit. Nevertheless are there not ethical standards that should
be adhered to? Would your company use the sacred symbols of
Christianity and especially Islam to promote alcoholic beverages? This
is an important question if we wish to evaluate whether it is just
Hindus that are being chosen for this ‘special’ treatment because as
Hindus we find it highly inappropriate and offensive that one of our
most sacred images is being used to promote an alcoholic beverage. Any
doubt that you have chosen a Hindu deity deliberately can be decided
by your own admission:

“Come worship ‘the black one’ Kali as the ultimate reality or Brahman
this Tuesday!”

Would you use Jesus Christ or Prophet Muhammad in the same vein? Also this reference
to ‘the black one’ does seem highly suspicious in a state notorious
for being hostile to black people of which a thriving Ku Klux Klan was
only the most obvious manifestation. More recently Oregon has become
one of the essential areas to be incorporated by white supremacists
into a proposed ethnically cleansed Aryan master race homeland. So
this use of ‘the black one’ does not exactly sit well with that

For that reason we urge the Burnside Brewing Company to reconsider its
decision to name the beer after a goddess which is held in respect by
millions. HHR also takes this opportunity to wish your company every
success for the future.

Ranbir Singh HHR

Burnside Brewing Company

Mr. Jason McAdam and the rest of the Burnside Brewing Company

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  1. NachiketAcharya May 11, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Strength Respects Strength …

    An Aacharya hits back ….

    U.S.A does not respect ‘Merit’.

    I appeal to you all to Drop the word “America” from the “United States of America”.


    Columbian Exposition was a World’s Fair held in Chicago in 1893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World in 1492.

    In 1507 cartographer Martin Waldseemüller mistakenly credited Amerigo with discovery of the continent after reading his fraudulent account of travels and named America after him.

    Whether the United States was discovered by Christopher Columbus or not is a separate issue. One thing is certain: It was not discovered by Amerigo Vespucci.

    German Mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller committed an error by crediting Amerigo after reading his fraudulent travel details.

    I appeal to you all to Drop the word “America” from the “United States of America” as it is against the spirit of meritocracy.

    Join this peaceful debate…

    “Let the heavens fall, but justice be done..”

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher _Columbus

    I will write to all the Presidents, Governors of all countries, All organizations under the United Nations umbrella, International Court of Justice and seek their support to drop the ‘America’ from United States of America.
    I think the Chinese, Russians and the Islamic union will be more than happy to support from behind the scenes.

    We the followers of Sanatan Dharma are a peaceful lot. In past 10000 years, we have never invaded a country.

    But, No one has the right to mess with the ideals whom we respect …

    We accepted Christ, Parsis … i am saying we are not forcing you all to accept our Gods … but you have absolutely no right whatsoever to insult them …

    Time for some tit for tat …

    Remember Strength respects Strength only …

    Thanks and Regards

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