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Hinduism remade in Glass in the USA

Hinduism remade in Glass in the USA

If in town then do visit the Museum of Glass in Tacoma (Washington, USA) A $48 million and 75,000-square-foot Museum of Glass whose tagline is ALL GLASS. ALL THE TIME which is running a nine-month long world-class exhibition based on various  aspects of Hindu beliefs and cosmology.

Titled “Scapes” which is created by respected international artists and siblings Laura de Santillana and Alessandro Diaz de Santillana in collaboration with the Museum, it will be up till January next.Also on display will be sculpted forms representing linga symbols from Hinduism.

All the work of “Scapes” exhibition, which fills four rooms of the Museum representing the Hindu universe is divided into separate spheres of existence: Earth, Space, Sun, and Moon and Constellations.

“The de Santillanas have interpreted elements of the Hindu cosmology in glass, creating spaces in which forms and colors correspond to physical phenomena, or the visible universe, and evoke an atmosphere of cosmic vibration. Each installation is composed of a limited, but strikingly vibrant, color palette. Smoky gray, gold, blue and deep red define the Earth room, which is the first sphere of existence. Although the Space room is composed almost entirely in shades of white and silver, it contains a golden egg that  signifies the origin of the universe. Silver, burnt gold, white, copper and indigo delineate the Sun installation, while the Moon and Constellations are white, black and silver.  Each room includes a combination of both artists’ work, with Alessandro’s glass paintings installed on the wall and Laura’s glass sculptures on the floor. Alessandro’s work is distinctive—his 20 glass paintings were created from large, color-saturated cylinders that were slumped open into vibrant, painterly compositions.  Laura’s work is equally striking. Her elegantly sculpted forms, displayed singularly and in small groupings, represent linga, mountains, celestial eggs and stars.”

The World’s largest aerospace company Boeing is one of the sponsors.

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