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Frauds at Hindus for Human Rights Stole HHR Google Knowledge Panel

Frauds at Hindus for Human Rights Stole HHR Google Knowledge Panel

HH4HR  – We Stand For all Human Rights !
Me – But How Comes You Don’t Stand Up For Human Rights Of Hindus ?
HH4HR  -They’re Not Human But Brahmical Casteist Aryan Aliens From Planet Hindutva !
Me – Oh Yes That Makes Sense.

Hindus for Human Rights and a Wikipedia account Trangabellam have launched a cyber attack on Hindu Human Rights. H4HR claimed our knowledge panel on Google, restricting our access to it, replacing our email, our website URL and our twitter handle with theirs, to direct traffic away from Hindu Human Rights and push their anti-Hindu groups algorithms.

Hindus for Human Rights (H4HR) are a proxy set up for the standard extreme far-right lynch mobs at the Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference whom they proudly support and who deny genocide, hinduphobia and openly want to wipe out all trace of Hindus and Hinduism.

This group wrote to the OHCR United Nations seeking intervention in India’s sovereign autonomy over the CAA bill, alleged ‘mob violence’ and claiming the Indian government are committing human rights violations against Kashmiri Muslims by a ‘demographic’ shift. In sum, they don’t want indigenous Hindus of Kashmir returning to their ancestral homes.

For the record, these recent upstarts at Hindus (for) Human Rights have nothing to do with us here at HHR but an evident desire to impersonate us, steal our digital property and work against Hindu Human Rights to openly promote perpetrators of genocidal violence in Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, including against Hindus and other minorities. In short they sympathise with the perpetrators of genocide then have the balls to lecture Hindus they are bigots for defending themselves against Hinduphobia.

Hindu Human Rights has worked for twenty years to raise awareness, record and talk about Hindu persecution and all this group and their ‘activist’ community seem interested in doing is being the mouthpiece of Pakistani propaganda on ‘Saffron Terror’ and other absurdly offensive accusations. 

In other news, at Wikipedia, Trangabellam, an editor who writes apologism on Sikandar the worst butcher of Kashmiri Hindus, in history is pushing to add content from the Hindutva Harrassment Field Manual into the entry on Anti-Hindu sentiment, and now demands our Hindu Human Rights wiki entry be removed.

The takeaway is this. All Hindu groups and Hindus best keep an eye on your digital content, make sure you are on top of all your sites and personal data with top security installed to prevent malicious activities either on your digital IP, your accounts or more. Hindus for Human Rights will not stop at anything and clearly operate for ulterior motives that have nothing to do with Hindus, or their Human Rights.

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